Moraware Newsletter – May 2015

by | May 19, 2015 | Newsletter

Harry’s last lecture (sort of), filtering charges on quotes, assigning files to packets, StoneTalk with Marty Gould – and more!

Exciting conclusion of Harry’s recent kitchen remodel!

The good news: the best part of Harry’s stressful remodel experience was buying a countertop. What made working with Precision so much better than the rest of the process? Read Harry’s last lecture (on this topic anyway…) to find out!
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Can I set different fabrication charges for different materials?

Yes, you can add more than one fabrication charge to your price list so you can charge different prices according to what material you are using. And you can do the same for splash, installation, and finished edge charges!
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How do I select which attached files will be printed with our Activity Packets?

Even if you have more than one of a particular file type attached to a Job – maybe you have JPGs of your signed contracts, job site photos, and slab images – you can use a File Custom Field to filter which of these files will be printed with packets for different crews.
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The podcast for countertop fabricators

Listen to StoneTalk to learn from some of the most successful and interesting people in the countertop industry. In this interview, Patrick talks to Marty Gould of The Customer Store, a marketing consultant and popular speaker at stone events.
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Edmonton 6/4, Denver 6/18, Kansas City 7/16

StoneWorld magazine and the Marble Institute of America organize educational events for fabricators interested in growing their business, networking with suppliers, and/or learning “best practices” about running a successful fabrication business.
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A free place to buy and sell countertop remnants.

RemnantSwap! Check it out!

Moraware makes CounterGo estimating software and JobTracker scheduling software for countertop fabricators.

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