Upgrading from JobTracker to Systemize: What’s the Deal?

Upgrading from JobTracker to Systemize: What’s the Deal?

Upgrading from JobTracker to Systemize: What’s the Deal?

Last year when we announced Systemize, we were only selling to new customers. As an existing Moraware customer, you’re probably wondering “Hey, what about me?” We haven’t forgotten about you, awesome customer!

Before upgrading our existing customers, we wanted to be 100% certain that the transition would be seamless. You trust us to protect your essential business data, and we take that trust seriously! 

We’ve also been developing some great new features in Systemize that will appeal to our JobTracker faithful (that’s you!). Now that we’ve upgraded about a hundred JobTracker users to Systemize, we’re ready for everyone!

You might have some more questions about this process, so I’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions we’ve received so far:

Why should I upgrade?

Of course we think it’s just totally awesome. But don’t just take it from us. Most of the feedback we’ve heard from other customers has been really positive about the look, feel, and functionality of the new interface!

Mobile-Friendly: Optimized for touch screens, Systemize has less text, bigger buttons, and pages that work on any device – from giant displays to tiny phones. Much of the feedback we’ve heard has been about the ease of using Systemize in the field.

Time-Saving Navigation: We re-thought how you interact with the calendar, jobs, and every page to reduce the number of clicks it takes to do things. Everything that used to take you two clicks has been reduced to a single button. 

Better User Experience: The new look is “much easier on the eyes,” to quote one of our recently upgraded customers! We worked with user experience experts and graphic designers to make our fonts more readable and reduce the strain on your eyes.

It’s the Future: Since announcing Systemize last year, we’ve already developed a few new features that are benefitting Systemize users, like now being able to update multiple activities at once. All of our future development effort is going into Systemize, and we plan on giving you lots of great future updates. JobTracker isn’t going anywhere, but Systemize will keep getting better.

Read more about the reasons upgrading from Jobtracker to Systemize might benefit you!

How do I upgrade?

The first step is to sign up for a demo with our sales team. We’ll discuss if the upgrade is beneficial to your process, show you the differences between the two platforms, and cost. If you decide to move forward with the upgrade, we’ll notify all your users via email. You’ll pick the day and time you’d like the switch to Systemize to happen. Most upgraders prefer to schedule a time after business hours so they can start the next day with the new interface rather than during a busy day. We’ll also schedule a call with you after the upgrade to walk you through any changes and answer any questions!

Is there a cost to upgrade?

Systemize costs $600 per month for up to 5 users. Each additional user, including Shop and External users, is $50 per month. If you’d like to figure out how that changes from what you’ve been paying for JobTracker, we can walk through it together during our demo.

Will I lose any data?

Absolutely not. All of your job and operational information will still be there after the upgrade. 

Next steps

If you are an eligible JobTracker customer and want to see if upgrading to Systemize is right for you, schedule a demo with our sales team by clicking the big button below!

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