Software Customer Support in CA/MI/NV/OH/OR/TX/WA

Software Customer Support in CA/MI/NV/OH/OR/TX/WA

Hi there! Do you love helping customers? Do you want to help build a world-class customer support team? Are you self-directed enough to work hard from home, helping customers by phone and email? If so, then read all the way to the bottom to learn more about Moraware and see if we’re a fit for each other.

Who We Are

Moraware writes, sells, and supports software for countertop fabricators. We’ve become a stable and profitable business by selling a few new subscriptions to our SaaS application every month for more than 14 years. We have no outside investors and no debt.

Now we have more than 1500 paying customers, and  we’ve spoken with every one of our customers over the telephone to help them succeed. Customer support is the most important ingredient of our ongoing success!

We have 10 people in our company, including 3 dedicated to customer support. As we continue to grow, it’s clear that we need to add another customer support person. That’s where you come in …

Who We’re Looking For

You might be a good fit for Moraware’s customer support team if you have all of these qualities:

  • You love helping people
  • You’re a great communicator
  • You’re a great problem solver
  • You’re looking for a career in customer support, not just a job
  • You’re reliable – you do what you say you’re going to do
  • You’re self-motivated but play well with others
  • You want to be part of a great customer support team, more than being the star
  • You want to make a great company even better every day

Conversely, Moraware is probably not a fit for you, if …

  • You care more about computers than people (our customers are not techies – they definitely prefer people)
  • You want a lot of corporate structure (we just focus on getting stuff done – there’s plenty of room for growth, but not in the traditional “career ladder” kind of way)
  • You just want a job and/or need one in a hurry (our hiring process takes more than a month to complete)
  • You’re not based in California, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, or Washington (every time we set up shop in a new state, there are significant tax implications, so we’re simply not adding new states at this time)

What to Expect

You’ll work with very smart people who love this company and work every day to make it better.

You’ll get training and coaching to help us build a world-class support team.

You’ll be provided with the resources you need to be successful (computer, phone, desk, chair, etc. – even a modest office rental if your home environment doesn’t work well for support).

Our company changes slowly, but you’ll still have opportunities to grow and learn new things.

Work/life balance … we care deeply about quality of life – it’s actually written into our core principles.

As I mentioned, we’re building a world-class support team … that means we have to hire the right person, and that simply takes time. The person we hire will take an email interview, have 30-minute phone interviews with 4 different people – plus a separate 30-minute skills assessment. Then we’ll check references and schedule time to meet in person (if that means you traveling, we’ll pay for that, of course). The whole process takes at least a month.

What’s Required Of You

Most of your time will be spent working directly with customers and prospects. We provide support by email and phone, so you must have great writing and phone skills.

The customer experience starts from first contact. Even though we have a separate sales team, it’s important to know how to sell our software, so you’ll learn how to have a great business conversation with customers. We have a no-pressure sales process, so if you’re willing to learn, it’s easy – and even kind of fun.

It’s not easy to stay focused and cheerful with customers all day. It requires a lot of empathy. Thankfully, we have great customers.

We don’t expect you to be a software guru, but you must have the aptitude to learn our software quickly. Likewise, we don’t need you to know everything about computers, but you need the ability to be your own IT person (even if that means bringing a machine to Geek Squad when things get really messed up).

You don’t necessarily need years of experience in customer service, but you’ll need to show that you have experience thrilling customers – again, we’re building a world-class support team, so you have to know already that you’re really good at our core task: helping customers.

There’s no hiding in this job. It’s clear what support work needs to be done, and it’s clear when it’s done. This position is flexible in some ways but fairly rigid in other ways. Together, we’ll decide which parts of the day you’re going to be on the phone with customers (our normal business hours are 8a-6p Eastern, but we can expand to 8a-8p to accommodate a West Coast employee if necessary). If you need to reschedule for an appointment, it’s usually easy to trade with someone. On the other hand, we expect you to be on the phone when you’ve agreed to be.

Some of your time will be spent learning more about our customers and our products – and then working to improve things for our customers. That might involve writing help articles, making videos, improving a marketing page, practicing training delivery – or something we haven’t even thought of yet. There are countless ways to improve the company, so the specifics will depend largely on what you’re interested in and what you’re good at.

There is some travel required. We attend industry events a few times a year, and we get together in person every 3-6 months. We’re not rigid about any one trip, but expect to travel about once per quarter (typically for 2-3 days).

We won’t sponsor you for a work visa; you need the legal right to work in the US.


The starting salary for this position is $50,000. In addition, there’s four weeks of paid vacation, matching 401(k), generous profit sharing, and we pay 100% of premiums for quality health insurance.

How to Apply

If becoming part of our customer support team seems like the perfect fit for you, then follow these instructions carefully (any applications through LinkedIn, Indeed, or any other job site will simply be ignored – following the instructions below is the only way to apply):

DO NOT send us a resume. Instead, we’d like to know more about the real you … so send me a friendly email (to containing:

  1. A paragraph (3-10 sentences) telling me about one, specific work project that you were proud of
  2. A paragraph (3-10 sentences) telling me why you think you’d be a great fit for Moraware’s customer support team
  3. Which of these 7 states you plan to work in: California, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, or Washington

Whether we prove to be the right fit for each other, I sincerely wish you the best!


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