SaaS Sales and Support Manager in CA/OR/NV/WA

Help make our awesome customer-facing team happier & more effective… come work at Moraware!

The Opportunity at Moraware

We’ve become a stable and profitable business by selling new subscriptions to our SaaS application every month for more than 15 years. We have no outside investors and no debt. Now we have more than 1800 paying customers, and  we’re figuring out how to make our systems more scalable, repeatable, and improving over time.

There’s no central office at Moraware: we’re a completely remote company. We have 11 people in our company, and so far haven’t had any managers beyond Harry & Ted, the owners. As we continue to grow, it’s clear that we need to add another person to help our customer-facing team shine. That’s where you come in…

Here’s why I love working at Moraware:

  • I’m having influential business conversations all day long.
  • It’s rewarding to be directly responsible for a part of a our company’s overall success.
  • I really enjoy the company of my coworkers. They’re smart, motivated, and happy.

What to expect

Even though we’ve been growing our customer base steadily for the last decade, we’ve been trying to keep our team as small as possible. Harry, our CEO, is currently the direct manager of our sales, support, and marketing team – your job is to take those day-to-day management tasks off of Harry’s plate.

You’ll be collaborating with Harry on a frequent basis – almost every day for at least an hour – we need to be totally aligned in terms of values, priorities, and execution. Harry’s job as CEO is to define the priorities and the business goals, and you’re going to help develop the plans to achieve those goals. 

You’ll be working with the team to set short-term goals and then you’ll measure progress. You’ll be meeting with members of the team on a daily basis to understand the work they’re doing, clarify priorities, and help them get around any problems they’re encountering.

The team encompasses all of the customer-facing roles at Moraware – currently, that’s 2 salespeople, 3 support people, and a marketing person. We’re also adding to the support team right now, and plan to have 2 more people in the near future. You need to understand the front-line jobs we do as an organization, but you’re not going to be doing them.

You’ll be coordinating a series of weekly team meetings and make sure they’re consistently valuable.

  • On a weekly basis, we practice the important and repeated sales and onboarding calls so that we’re doing them consistently and improving over time.
  • As a team, we’re also talking about weekly sales, cancellations, and customer success to understand the impact of any changes that might have an effect on those outcomes.
  • You’ll help understand and coordinate the daily and weekly work to account for vacations, unusual events, or people being out of the office for other reasons.

You’ll also be discussing our company values, goals, and priorities with the team on an ongoing basis to make sure that everyone on the team understands and is bought into the direction.

After you’re up to speed in this role, you’ll recruit future members of the team. You’ll also coach existing team-members to maintain a sense of excitement and connection with co-workers and the company. 

This is primarily a people-management role, but there is also some business management that you’ll be doing. You’re not setting the budget, but you’ll collaborate with Harry to decide what’s appropriate.

You’re also one of the connections between the customer-facing team and our product team. You’ll be prioritizing how the team helps give feedback for future product development, and how we communicate product updates to our internal team and our customers.

Expect to spend about 1/4 of your time traveling. You’ll be visiting the team individually and in small groups. Plus, you’ll be attending various industry events to understand and keep in touch with our customers and industry.

What success looks like

You know you’re succeeding at this job if:

  • Harry isn’t involved in the daily execution of the customer-facing tasks and roles.
  • The members of the team have a high quality of life, are enjoying their jobs, understand priorities, and are functioning at a high level.
  • We’re focusing on the important work, and it gets done in a way that doesn’t require heroic efforts.
  • You understand our company values, company goals, and our philosophy of how we work to help our customers succeed.
  • We understand the impact of your job on our business – both through metrics and qualitative outcomes.
  • We’re monitoring and improving our rates of customer success and sales.
  • We’re building systems, processes, and products that are scalable, repeatable, and improve over time.
  • Everyone on the team (including you) is taking vacations and their tasks can be easily handed to other folks on the team during that time.

You are

Disciplined – you’re making sure we’re executing the daily work that needs to be done. There’s huge value in the consistency of execution.

Great with people – we’ve got a variety of styles and personalities, and you should be able to get the best work out of all of those.

Willing to have the hard conversations – especially as a remote team, it’s vital that you’re direct enough to dig into possible problems and anticipate problems in the team, or how we’re working with customers.

You’re driven by solving business problems and providing value to our customers.

You’re doing the tasks that make the team more effective and happier. You’re not in this role for personal ego.

You previously managed a team of 6-12 people and succeeded in that role.


We offer a salary of $120,000, four weeks of paid vacation, matching 401(k), and we pay for 100% of your health insurance premiums. Our generous profit sharing and great team make this a company you’ll want to stay with for many years.

How to Apply

If this sounds like the perfect match for you,  DO NOT send us a resume. Instead, we’d like to know more about the real you.

Send Harry a friendly email at containing:

  • 3-10 sentences describing why you’re proud of one team you managed.
  • 3-10 sentences about why you’d be great working on our team.
  • Which of these states you plan to work in: California, Nevada, Oregon, or Washington?