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Some of our customers who run their countertop fabrication businesses on Moraware JobTracker…

Company: Stoneworks Granite & Marble (Edmonton, AB)
Business: All stone work is 100% guaranteed by this fabricator
Moraware customer since: June 2011
About Stoneworks Granite & Marble

Company: Brazilian Best Granite (Richmond, VA)
Business: Went from start-up to #2 rated granite company in Richmond
Moraware customer since: October 2011
About Brazilian Best Granite

Company: Pinnacle Stone & Tile (Fairfield, CA)
Business: Differentiating from competitors with great communication
Moraware customer since: January 2011
About Pinnacle Stone & Tile

Company: Stone Trends (Sidney, BC)
Business: Making sure your employees understand the products in Sidney, BC
Moraware customer since: January 2011
About Stone Trends

Company: Classic Marble Designs (Clinton, OK)
Business: Innovative ways of giving excellent customer service
Moraware customer since: January 2011
About Classic Marble Designs

Company: Qualey Granite & Stone Fabrication (Bangor, ME)
Business: Combining love of stone and dogs
Moraware customer since: July 2011
About Qualey Granite

Company: Blue Rock Stone Center (Westbrook, ME)
Business: Countertops and much more
Moraware customer since: October 2011
About Blue Rock Stone Center

Company: Cutting Edge Stoneworks (Mooresville, NC)
Business: Wholesale and commercial countertops
Moraware customer since: May 2008
Tour of Cutting Edge

Company: Aspen Design and Fabrication (Denver, CO)
Business: Rapidly growing wholesale countertop business
Moraware customer since: May 2008
Tour of Aspen Design

Company: KAT Fabricators (Dallas, TX)
Business: Building countertops for hundreds of big-box stores in Dallas
Moraware customer since: December 2006
Tour of KAT Fabricators

Company: Galaxy Granite and Stoneworks (Hubbard, OR)
Business: A granite fabricator dedicated to customer service and low environmental impact
Moraware customer since: August 2006
Galaxy Granite’s story

Company: Solid Surface, Inc. (Rochester, NY)
Business: One of the first solid surface fabrication companies to introduce automation into their shop
Moraware customer since: June 2006
Solid Surface, Inc. profile

Company: Preferred Surfaces
Business: Fabricates and installs solid surface, quartz and stone in Southwestern PA and WV.
Moraware customer since: January 2007
Preferred Surfaces profile

Company: W.E. Pour Walls (Minneapolis, MN)
Business: Specializes in pouring concrete walls & foundations for residential construction
Moraware customer since: February 2007
W.E. Pour Walls profile

Company: Premier Countertops (Omaha, NE)
Business: Fabricating and installing approximately 20 jobs per week
Moraware customer since: June 2005
Premier Countertops profile

Company: Pro Lam (Loveland, OH)
Business: Manufactures & installs wood and laminate casework, cabinetry and countertops
Moraware customer since: December 2004
Pro Lam profile

Company: Discover Marble and Granite
Business: Averages 100 installations per week from locations in MA & FL.
Moraware customer since: January 2006
Discover Marble and Granite profile

Company: Design Innovations (Charlotte, NC)
Business: Over 50 employees who fabricate and install 20 jobs per day
Moraware customer since: March 2004
Design Innovations profile

Company: Laminated Tops of Central Indiana (Indianapolis, IN)
Business: Founded in 1969, has 28 employees serving greater Indianapolis
Moraware customer since: December 2004
Laminated Tops profile

Company: Quartz forms
Business: Established in 1999 as a Silestone fabricator in New York and New Jersey.
Moraware customer since: November 2004
Selective Surfaces profile

Company: Granite Xperts
Business: Produces approximately 20 kitchens per week in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana.
Moraware customer since: June 2005
Granite Xperts profile

Company: California Countertop (San Diego, CA)
Business: Solid surface and quartz countertop fabricator with two locations
Moraware customer since: November 2004
California Countertop profile

Company: Specialty Finishing (Wisconsin)
Business: Fabricates & installs laminate, solid surfaces and quartz surfaces + custom cabinets
Moraware customer since: April 2006
Specialty Finishing profile

Company: Unico Special Products (New York)
Business: Installs laminate, solid surface and quartz countertops for kitchens and baths
Moraware customer since: November 2005
Unico Special Products profile

Company: Hytec Tops (Columbus, OH)
Business: Fabricator of solid surface, granite, and engineered stone products
Moraware customer since: May 2005
Hytec Tops profile

Company: Rumford Stone (Pembroke, NH)
Business: Granite, marble and quartz countertop fabricator
Moraware customer since: November 2005
Rumford Stone profile

Company: Premier Surfaces
Business: Specializes in fabrication and installation of granite countertops in Atlanta and North Georgia.
Moraware customer since: February 2005
Premier Surfaces profile

Company: Sprovieri’s Custom Counters
Business: Specializes in solid surface and other hard surfaces in the Chicago area and parts of Wisconsin and Indiana.
Moraware customer since: February 2005
Sprovieri’s Custom Counters profile

Company: Kisha & Tabellion
Business: Fabricates and installs laminate and solid surface countertops for the residential wholesale market in Northeastern Ohio.
Moraware customer since: August 2005
Kisha & Tabellion profile

Company: Rausch Granite Interiors (Stone City, SD)
Business: Granite countertop fabricator with three satellite offices and 43 employees.
Moraware customer since: June 2005
Rausch Granite Interiors profile

Company: Tower Industries (Massillon, OH)
Business: Manufacturers & fabricates cultured marble, solid surface, quartz and stone
Moraware customer since: August 2005
Tower Industries profile

Company: Olive Mill (Anaheim, CA)
Business: Solid surface, quartz and granite countertop fabricator since 1986. Six time recipient of DuPont’s Magna Award
Moraware customer since: December 2005
Olive Mill profile

Company: Precision Countertops
Business: Largest fabricator and installer of kitchen countertops in the Pacific Northwest
Moraware customer since: June 2004
Precision Countertops profile

Company: Cache Valley Countertops
Business: 2004 ISSFA Fabricator of the Year. Solid Surface, Laminate, Stone Fabrication
Why they needed Moraware JobTracker: Scheduling, Ordering Material
Moraware customer since: February 2004
Update: Growing the business instead of managing the day-to-day operations
Cache Valley Countertops profile

Company: Solid Image of Central Florida
Business: Corian fabrication, a Dupont “Preferred Fabricator”.
Why they needed Moraware JobTracker: Estimating, Scheduling
Moraware customer since: January 2003
Update: Has doubled business without adding any office staff, as of January 2004
Solid Image profile