Customize JobTracker

JobTracker adapts to the way you run your business.

Job Activities
You define steps in your process, such as Measure, Fabricate, Install, and Repair. If you describe the relationship between these steps, JobTracker will warn you when they are scheduled out of sequence or without enough lead time.
Custom Fields
You can track additional information about Jobs, Accounts, Activities, Quotes, Purchase Orders, or Files by adding custom fields. These can be a list of values you define, or free-form text, dates, and numbers. You can even create fields which are generated by JobTracker in the format you specify to produce unique Quote, Job or Account numbers.
You can create forms to capture additional information about each job. In addition to providing the benefits of custom fields, forms allow you to group related information together, and even add multiple copies of a form to a single job. For example, you might create a form to collect the faucet, sink, edge detail and color selections for a kitchen or bath. If there are two bathrooms for one job, you could use two copies of this form to track the different details for each room.
Saved Views
You decide how the data is displayed on the screen by creating Views. A View may be geared toward a specific user or task. This allows each user in your office to focus on what is most important to them, while still having everyone work from the same set of information.