Answers to common JobTracker questions

Frequently Asked Questions about JobTracker

What type of software is Moraware JobTracker?
Moraware JobTracker is scheduling and job management software that makes the job scheduling process much more efficient.
What are the specific benefits of using JobTracker?
1) real-time view of all scheduled activities by everyone at every location
2) no more looking for customer folders; find by name, phone number, address, etc.
3) get the right paperwork in the right person’s hands at the right time
4) tailored calendar views for every role in a company
5) reporting, inventory, remnant tracking, and a lot more
Will JobTracker work for my business?
Most JobTracker customers are in the countertop fabrication business, but plenty of our customers build cabinets, pour foundations, install roofs, build machines and more.
Take the quick JobTracker Quiz to see if it will work well for your business.
What’s the difference between Standard Edition and Inventory Edition?
JobTracker Standard Edition is comprehensive job scheduling and activity management. Inventory Edition adds purchasing and inventory tracking, including serialized slab inventory and remnant inventory management. It’s very simple to start with Standard and upgrade to Inventory Edition.
Do I have to install software to run JobTracker?
Moraware JobTracker is completely web-based and no software needs to be downloaded or installed. JobTracker runs in any current web browser including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. In addition, JobTracker works well on a tablet such as an iPad or Surface using 4G or LTE connectivity.
How long does it take to get running on JobTracker?
There’s no concrete answer, rather it largely depends on how much dedication is given to implementing JobTracker. A focused, dedicated implementation can happen in several days or it can be baby-stepped in a few weeks. Here are some Guidelines that we give new customers.
Do you offer customer support?
We offer customer support by phone and email at no additional charge and we love to hear from our customers. Read support details in contacting Moraware support.
My company is outside of the US, can I use JobTracker?
We have customers in Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. Our software, documentation and customer support are only in English.

JobTracker Pricing Questions

Is there a contract or commitment?
JobTracker is available as a monthly subscription and there is no commitment. In fact, we even offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee – if you cancel within 90 days of signing up, we refund back the full amount paid.
How much does JobTracker cost?
Check out specific JobTracker Pricing details.
Do I have to pay for each user?
JobTracker Standard Edition and JobTracker Inventory Edition include 5 users. Additional users are available. See the Pricing page for more details.
Do you charge to add a new feature for us?
We are continually adding new features that our customers request, but we do not charge for this service. When we add a feature that’s been requested by one shop, all of our subscription benefit from it automatically.

Technical Questions

What are the benefits of hosting JobTracker on your servers?
We work hard at maintaining our hardware and software so you don’t have to. We’ve got the servers, infrastructure, backups, and expertise to keep you covered. Here’s information about what we do to keep our servers going fast and strong: Moraware Servers.
What database does JobTracker use?
JobTracker uses Microsoft SQL Server to make sure you will never outgrow the capabilities of the database.
How many users can access JobTracker at once?
There’s no limit to the number of users that can access JobTracker at once. You may need to purchase additional user packs to accommodate all of your users.
What kind of security is in JobTracker?
In addition to using secure web pages (like your bank does), JobTracker is password protected for each individual user’s account. You may also limit the type of access for each user. The Administrator user has complete access. You can restrict the other user accounts to read-only access, or grant them permission to edit only certain kinds of data.
Can I create an estimate by drawing a picture of the countertop?
CounterGo is drawing, estimating, and layout software that integrates with JobTracker.
Will JobTracker work with my product lines?
Our customers use JobTracker with solid surface, natural stone, engineered stone, laminate, cultured marble, wood, concrete, and cast polymer products. JobTracker gives you complete control over customizing your product setup, so you can decide how you want to manage your pricing, purchasing and inventory.