Email and phone support are included with your Moraware software, but sometimes it’s also useful to work with an outside partner. Our partners offer products and services that we don’t, such as:

  • Assessing the health of your business (not just your software) and suggesting changes
  • Working on-site with you to set up your business processes and software
  • Writing custom software using the API

Each of the following partners has had successful engagements with our customers, but we have no formal business relationship with any of them … so do your own research and due diligence.

Product Partners

DataBridge Integrations

Contact: Scott Edwards (585) 734-1280

DataBridge Integrations has extensive experience with barcoding systems. DataBridge sells a barcoding add-on for JobTracker or Systemize Inventory, plus additional add-on products integrating Systemize or JobTracker with Slabsmith and with Home Depot’s IconX platform. They also do custom programming with our API. To learn more listen to their StoneTalk interview.

Job Well Done

Ryan Olson: or Dan O’Keefe: (651) 300-5930

Job Well Done (JWD) is a mobile web application that facilitates communication between employees in the field and the office. It works with or without Systemize and includes capabilities like digitizing paper forms, submitting before & after pictures, capturing signatures, and controlling what files and information your field workers can access.

Fifth Gear Technologies

Contact: Steve Mast or Geoffrey Gran

Fifth Gear Technologies (FGT) specializes in solutions that were developed by fabricators for fabricators.  The FGT team collectively has over 80 years of industry experience.  Our product SPEEDdraw is designed to expedite the process of turning digital measuring files into completed shop drawings and program ready files.  While our product SPEEDlabel is a labeling program designed to work with Systemize.  This program creates labels for each part and piece of a job to allow for better shop organization, easier loading process, and more thorough quality control.

7th Gear

Contact: Chris McGarty (404) 457-8438

7th Gear created an iPhone/iPad barcode reconciliation app for Systemize, which is available in the iOS app store. They take a simple approach, using the scanner to create an inventory count, which can then be compared to another inventory view within Systemize to see differences.

Service/Consulting Partners

Fabricator’s Choice

Contact: Roderick Bley (888) 299-8840

Fabricator’s Choice has decades of experience helping fabricators set up their physical shops, define business processes, and fine-tune their software. They have multiple add-ons for Moraware software, including barcoding, job costing, reporting, and more. If you want to learn more, contact Roderick Bley (info above) or check out their StoneTalk interview.

Duda Consulting

Contact: Kim Duda (503) 949-7738

Kim is an independent consultant with years of experience working hands on for fabricators in a variety of roles. She has a deep knowledge of Moraware software and has helped dozens of customers get more from Systemize and CounterGo. Find out more at

Mendelson Consulting

Contact: Keith Fileccia (954) 447-0250

Mendelson Consulting helps countertop fabricators set up their accounting systems correctly. They’re well versed in Moraware’s capabilities and are experts in all flavors of QuickBooks, so they know how to address issues that cross your accounting system and Moraware.


Contact: Hans Dekkers,, (855) 22 777 02

In GOOD times, use BPMetrics to drive up your output by 10+ % (typically 20-25% or more). In BAD times, use our tools to run your production at maximum output during reduced hours and with minimum staff. BPMetrics is essential in good times, and survival critical in bad times.

BPMetrics offers mature production capacity Utilization metrics solutions for the Granite Industry. Real-time KPI reporting metrics to both management and production-floor staff, directly driving your ROI. Write or visit


Do you provide software products or services for countertop fabricators that benefit Systemize and CounterGo customers? Would you like to be included on this partner page? If so, contact and explain what you do and why our customers should know about it.