Quoting with CounterGo

CounterGo has helped over 1,500 fabricators increase their estimating process and close more sales than ever. But we’ll let them tell you….

How has CounterGo helped your business?

It has allowed me to easily train my sales staff to compile bids and has made our bid turnaround time extremely efficient, resulting in more jobs. I'm able to spend more time with my family now that I don't have to look over all the bids before they are sent out!
Amie Brooks
Stone Creations AZ
It has absolutely helped!!! We have increased estimating capabilities tremendously. I would say probably by 50%
Carol Hughes
Counterkraft Solid Surfaces
Quick quotes keep clients happy, and being able to visualize slab layouts make it easier for clients to make final selections.
Sandy Phillips
The Stone Gallery

How has CounterGo increased your quality of life?

It's increased it tremendously. Now, I feel lost without it. My quotes look so much more professional, better then handwritten quotes.
Terea Goodwin
This software has allowed me to focus more of my time and energy into the production side of things. I am no longer a full-time estimator, and my employees appreciate seeing me take a more hands-on, and physically present role. The opportunity to be more involved in quality control has offered me tremendous peace of mind.
Sean Keller
Flagstaff Tile & Stone
It's much easier for me to sell the job. Less mistakes, less brain damage!
Stone Merchant

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