SaaS Sales in CA/NV/OR/WA

If you are energized by understanding business problems and helping customers solve them with a SaaS product – come work at Moraware!

We’ve become a stable and profitable business by selling new subscriptions to our SaaS application every month for more than 15 years. We have no outside investors and no debt.

Now we have more than 1700 paying customers, and we’ve spoken with every one of them over the telephone to help them succeed. Our sales process is the beginning of a long relationship we have with our customers.

We have 10 people in our company, but only 1 dedicated to sales. As we continue to grow, it’s clear that we need to add another person. That’s where you come in …

Here’s why I love working at Moraware:

  • I’m having influential business conversations all day long.
  • It’s rewarding to be directly responsible for a part of a our company’s overall success.
  • I really enjoy the company of my coworkers. They’re smart, fun, and happy.

What to expect

About half of your time will be communicating directly with our prospects. So, you’ll need excellent phone skills. We call most of those interactions “demos“, but they’re really business conversations. Demos are the most important part of the sales process. That’s when we help customers decide if our software meets their business needs. In a typical day you’ll do around 4 demos.

Moraware demos are conversations via online meetings with our future customers – the owners and office managers at countertop fabrication companies. Our customers run high-volume manufacturing companies and because of that they’ve got serious problems when they contact us about our products – CounterGo or Systemize.

The goal of the demo is to get the customer to determine if our software will help them. Demos take about 30 minutes each once you get good at them. Getting good will be the main part of your work early on. Our framework for a demo is asking questions:

  1. What are you doing now
  2. What works about that? What doesn’t?
  3. What’s the consequence of not changing?

Once our prospects explain their problems, then we show our SaaS solution as proof that we can give them the value they’re looking for. Conducting a great demo has gigantic implications for our company. We not only help determine if we can help a company, we also set the tone for a long-term support relationship.

About a quarter of your time will be spent answering prospect’s questions in, before and after demos. There’s also some work involved in setting up new customers and ensuring a seamless handoff to the customer support team.

Another 25% of your time will be spent documenting the overall process and making the sales job better over time. We want you to be able to take a vacation and make sure that nothing slips through the cracks while you’re out.

There’s not much corporate ladder here. You need to enjoy doing phone sales and want to continue doing this kind of work for the next few years. Even though we’re growing, our business changes pretty slowly.

There’s no hiding in this job. It’s clear what sales work needs to be done, and it’s clear when it’s done. This position is flexible in some ways but fairly rigid in other ways. Together, we’ll decide which parts of the day you’re going to be on the phone with customers. If you need to reschedule for an appointment, it’s usually easy to trade with someone. On the other hand, we expect you to be on the phone when you’ve agreed to be.

There is some travel required. We attend industry events a few times a year, and we get together in person every 3-6 months. We’re not rigid about any one trip, but expect to travel about once per quarter.

We won’t sponsor you for a work visa; you need the legal right to work in the US.

What we’re looking for

You love conversations about business problems. Every day you’re going to have discussions with the owners, managers and salespeople at countertop fabrication companies. Actively listening to their needs is the key to success at this role. What you’re definitely not is a pushy salesperson who’s trying to close a sale.

Getting a new customer to sign up for our service is only the first step in our relationship with them, and their overall success is what really matters. You won’t be happy in this job if you base your worth only on getting customers to say yes.

You have a desire to learn about SaaS. We’re a small team, so you’ll be involved in all aspects of what makes our company run.

You’ve had experience selling in a job where the phone has been your primary channel of communication. As a small team that’s 100% remote, we’re not equipped to teach you the basics of how to do the day-to-day work. We will teach you our process for sales, we’ll do intense practice of the conversations we’ll have with customers, and we’ll give you lots of training on our overall product and market. Having done SaaS sales would be very desirable.

You’re self-motivated. The main reason you should work here is because you’re a person who loves helping people and enjoys solving business problems every day. We don’t want to micro-manage anyone – we want to hire people who are smart and get things done.

We think about solving our customers’ problems a lot, and we expect you’ll care about that too. That means helping prospects on the phone, but also figuring out how to make the overall process better through new training, documentation, and feedback to our development team.

This isn’t a fit for someone who “just wants a job.” You don’t need decades of experience, but you should have a history of helping customers and want to develop your career at a steady, profitable company with other smart people.


We offer a competitive starting salary of $50,000, four weeks of paid vacation, matching 401(k), and we pay for 100% of your health insurance. Our generous profit sharing and great team make this a company you’ll want to stay with for many years.

Although this is a sales job, we don’t pay commission – we want your incentives to be aligned with the overall success of our customers (and Moraware).

How to Apply

If this sounds like the perfect match for you, DO NOT send us a resume. Instead, we’d like to know more about the real you.

Send an email to containing:

  • 3-10 sentences describing why you’re proud of one project you have worked on
  • 3-10 sentences about why you’d be good working on our sales team
  • Which of these states you plan to work in: California, Nevada, Oregon, or Washington?