Upgrading from JobTracker to Systemize

If you’re looking at this page, that means you’re using Moraware JobTracker and about to upgrade to Systemize. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s different about Systemize?

  • It’s great on mobile devices.
  • You’ll save even more time.
  • The things you do frequently are easier.
  • It’s easy on the eyes.
  • Systemize is the future.

What to expect after you upgrade

Although we haven’t changed “what” problems we solve in Systemize, we have changed “how“. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the most popular pages in JobTracker and Systemize.

The biggest change you’ll notice right away is that the main menu moved from the top to the left side. Buttons that you used for options and views still are near the top of the page. And, you’ll notice there’s a new Export button that lets you take a view of the Jobs page (or a Report) and export it to a .CSV file that you can easily open with Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet tool.

Jobs page comparison from JobTracker to Systemize

You can expand and collapse the left-side main menu to get more screen space while you’re working. The left side menu can collapse to provide more screen space while you’re working. You can always get back to the menu by clicking in the upper left corner.

Collapsed Systemize main menu

The locations of the job address, account address, and contacts has moved slightly, and made the buttons everywhere much more clickable. Adding a new activity, address, form, or contact is now done with a + button.

Why Systemize? Tell me more!

  • It’s great on mobile devices. We originally built JobTracker in 2002, long before mobile phones or tablets existed. In order to take advantage of touch-based devices, we needed a brand new interface. Systemize has less text, bigger buttons, and pages that work on any device – from giant displays to tiny phones.
  • Save even more time. We re-thought how you interact with the calendar, jobs… and every page… to reduce the number of clicks it takes to do things. Everything that used to take you two clicks has been reduced to a single button. That might not sound dramatic, but over the course of days and weeks, you’ll be shocked by how much faster you’re scheduling and managing jobs.
  • The things you do frequently are easier. In JobTracker, there were a lot of ways to get everything done. In some ways that’s great, but it can also be really confusing to you if you’re new to the software, or just trying to do something new. In Systemize, we’ve streamlined how you accomplish the most common tasks so you’re not spending all of your time hunting for the right buttons.
  • Easy on the eyes. JobTracker is super-functional, and we always focused our energy on function rather than appearance. But we realized that the brutal looks of the application also took a toll on our users. In Systemize, we worked with user experience experts and graphic designers to make our fonts more readable and reduce the strain on your eyes.
  • Systemize is the future. We’ve brought countertop fabricators lots of value over the years through JobTracker. Part of what we accomplished with Systemize is building a new platform for future development. All of our future development effort is going into Systemize, and we plan on giving you lots of great future updates. JobTracker isn’t going anywhere, but Systemize will keep getting better.

Systemize Video Overview