Countertop slab inventory


Know exactly what slabs to order and when 

In just a few clicks, all your material is up-to-date and accurate in Moraware Inventory and Systemize. Fully manage the ordering, receiving, and consuming of your material in one easy-to-use place. 

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“Systemize has saved us time from cutting old repetition across files and other programs, which means I can focus more on growing the business rather than maintaining the status quo.”


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Order the right amount every time

You’ll know what material needs to be ordered, what’s already been ordered, and what’s currently on-hand. No more cluttering up your shop with too much material or running behind on the schedule waiting for slabs and sinks to come in.

    • Create a view to see the material you need to order
    • Choose material from stock inventory or special order slabs
Countertop slab available inventory
Countertop slab inventory management

Track slabs for every job

Moraware Inventory makes tracking your slabs easy with just a few clicks. You can see a slab’s status in real-time because it’s easy to update when it’s been ordered, received, and cut.

    • Easily know when slabs have been been ordered, received, and consumed 
    • Add expected order dates in POs for better visibility into your schedule
    • Tie slabs to a Job in Systemize so everyone knows when you need them

Save time by reducing double data entry

No more spreadsheets, paper, or cumbersome workarounds. Now it’s easy to track your jobs and material all in the same place.

    • Fewer places to track job and slab details will reduce costly mistakes
    • Slabs in your inventory show up in Systemize, and jobs show up in Moraware Inventory
Manage slab inventory in Systemize

How much does Moraware Inventory cost?

$50/month per user

Breaks down to less than $2/day

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Moraware Inventory works in all English-speaking locations
All documentation and support is provided in English. 

Runs on any device with an internet connection
Just open your browser and get to work. You can use a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even your phone.

You get a free onboarding support specialist
We’ll help you get set-up and develop best practices to ensure you feel confident with the software. This process usually takes three 45-minute Zoom calls to complete.

You get unlimited ongoing support
We understand that time is money. If you encounter an issue or have a question about how Moraware Inventory works, we’ll help you out.