About Us

We design and support our software like it was made for family—because it was.

What started out as a brotherly favor, is now a series of proven products that has helped thousands of growing countertop fabricators sell professionally, streamline their shop processes, and get to the next level. We take a consultative approach, to ensure shop owners are selecting the right software products, and then support them through onboarding and implementation. 

Every year, we have thousands of conversations with fabricators about their processes and business problems, keeping Moraware aligned with best practices and aware of pain points. As a result, we invest in improving our products’ functionality and reliability to solve more of our customers’ problems over time. 

Today we have over 14,000 users, in more than 2000 shops, creating over 30,000 quotes and 30,000 jobs a week.


We help growing countertop fabricators get to the next level.

Our software helps growing countertop fabricators streamline and organize their shop processes and makes selling fast, accurate and professional.

Our Impact

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The people behind the product

We are a fully-remote team who share the same goal: to use our unique skills and knowledge to help fabricators take their businesses to the next level. From development, to sales, to support, our team is helpful, experienced, and consultative.

These values reflect the way we approach our work

Passion for Solving Business Problems

No matter what we’re working on, we focus our actions on solving business problems for our customers or ourselves.

Take the Long-Term View

We believe that the greatest possible business value will be realized when we optimize for the future, even if that comes with some short-term costs.

Focus on the #1 Priority

We scrupulously prioritize the most important work and are willing and able to say no to anything that jeopardizes our focus.

Make Incremental Improvements

We know that durable success is achieved through persistence and iteration, not big ideas or heroic efforts.

Be Collaborative

We work better together to solve problems. We make important decisions together, working independently when necessary to execute those decisions.

Say What You Think

We care about getting feedback and will ask for it proactively, always listening with an open mind.

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