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How To Access Your Moraware Database

Need Moraware login help?

Moraware login screen example

If you are having trouble logging in to your CounterGo, Systemize, or JobTracker database, you have come to the right place.

Sometimes customers try to log into “”, but each customer database is unique and there is no way to login from our website. 

To find your Moraware login, watch our Access Your Database video, quickly troubleshoot with our FAQs, or send a message to our friendly support specialists at

Access Your Database

Moraware Login FAQs

1. What is my database called?

When you subscribed to CounterGo or Systemize, our Sales Team helped you determine the name for your database. Typically it is your company name with no spaces, followed by “”. Make sure to use “.net” at the end, instead of “.com”.

For Example, in a fictitious company called “Awesome Stone” the database url would be

Moraware database url example

2. Where can I find my database name?

Your database url was provided in the welcome email you received after subscribing. From that email, you can click on the link directly or type it into a browser.

3. How do I make sure I can find my database in the future?

Once you do login in, bookmark the page for quick access in the future.

4. Does my database name change if I add new products?

No, if you are an existing customer who recently added a new product, your login is the same as it was before. All your Moraware products connect with each other within your original database.

5. What should I do if I still can’t find and access my database?

If you have forgotten your database URL and can’t find, or don’t have access to, the welcome email, send a message to our friendly support specialists at

We’re eager to help!

Our goal is to respond to every email and call as soon as possible. Usually that’s within a few hours.

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