Every morning we used to huddle around magnetic schedule board and spend hours debating how the template, fabrication and installation will all come together. Now that the shop made the transition to all electronic scheduling we have time to focus on the real work of the business.
Jeff Edwards
Oceana Designs
It has improved not only my quality life, but every one of my employees' lives too! No more stress with scheduling and communications with customers. Having everything in one spot, real time is amazing.
Carina Fries
Topline Counters
This software has allowed me to focus more of my time and energy into the production side of things. I am no longer a full-time estimator, and my employees appreciate seeing me take a more hands-on and physically present role. The opportunity to be more involved in quality control has offered me tremendous peace of mind.
Sean Keller
Flagstaff Tile & Stone
We have increased estimating capabilities tremendously. I would say probably by 50%!
Carol Hughes
The ability to establish such transparency has instilled trust in every department. Our sales team is able to see exactly where the production process is, any ongoing communication from customers, and install/service dates. Our production doesn't miss a step and communication is fluid. This program allows us to embrace the enjoyment of our work and takes the worry out of processes.
Chris Black
Excel Countertops
Moraware is our 'Bible'. It is our center of information which every team in our company uses throughout the day to do their job. From creating a lead to closing the job ready to be invoiced. Every step is done using Moraware.
Carmina Mendez
AMC Countertops
I can't imagine trying to do what we do everyday without Moraware. It has completely changed the way we do business.
Troy Hoskins
Rock Solid Countertops
It has been integral in our growth. Having everything in one spot, calendar, schedule...I do not know where we would be without it.
Jimmy Domer
Top Advantage
We've gotten compliments from our K&B's and end users that our presentation is much more appealing than our competition. Additionally, I can quote immediately, in front of the customer, rather than spending an hour on it after they leave, receiving no feedback from our customer.
Melanie Bratcher
Kentucky Solid Surface
If you take the time to actually learn Moraware, it will help you tremendously! After learning Countergo, I am able to bid projects in minutes. I am winning more projects because I have everything I need to present multiple materials, brand, colors and many other options all under one quick quote. This gives my clients a faster way of making a decision right on the spot.
Matthew Wilson
We are closing more quotes. CounterGo makes estimating faster and shortens the buying cycle. Systemize has created transparencies in the the job process, allowing us to identify bottl necks and attend to them more quickly. It has also helped us define employee roles and accountability. The employees can see how activities they are responsible for impact efficiencies.
Gavin van den Berg
Keystone Granite
Faster = Better. Saves time and gets me home earlier. And no angry customers because we missed an appointment!
Erik Peterson
Sierra Vista Tile
The time saved from cutting the old repetition across files and other programs means I can focus more on growing the business rather than maintaining the status quo. Communication across our entire team is better, and accessing old information is much simpler and centralized.
Steve Young
Quick & Easy Granite
Since I started using CounterGo my sales increased due to presentation, being able to show my customers how many slabs I’m going to need for their countertops and explain how adding a seam to there stone not only saves them money by not having to buy another slab, but also by minimizing the risk of breaking there stone on transport or install.
Nicholas Rodriguez
Uptown Granite & Marble
CounterGo has sped up the quoting and the production sides of my business. We are twice as fast as we were before.
Chris Holland
Holland Design Services
Moraware has increased our close rate by 30%. The ability to supe impose actual slabs is a huge benefit to our customers. On the labor side, we can accurately determine slab quantity, cut location, seam placement etc. It’s a priceless tool for all fabricators. Every industry should have a program like Moraware.
Kemi Ndolo
Desert Mountaintops
Clients can trust you right away when they see their measurements drawn out right in front of them and to see their preliminary slab layouts. They see that you are fast and efficient and telling the truth about their total square feet and number of slabs required.
Lori Perini
Real Stone and Granite
Your support staff is amazing and they quickly adopted to our business module and helped with advice on needed dashboards and reports.
Tanya Chernioglo
Although we have only been using Moraware for a little over 3 months, we have seen a definite improvement and time savings in our operation from information flow to final invoicing.
Scott Ainsworth
JDS Surfaces
When jobs fall off or need to be added, I don't have to re-invent the wheel each time. My calendars are all live and accurate. With quick use of the mapping application, I can see if a new job fits a route or if a job falling off will significantly change a day. A true time saver.
Janice Westerhof
KG Stevens