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Are you falling for the Countertop Pricing Myth?

Depending on your market, it can be really competitive out there for countertop fabricators. It's understandable that it's tempting to slash your prices to win more jobs! However, the most successful shops in this industry will tell you that it's one of the worst...

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Moraware servers, backups, and disasters

We occasionally get questions about how we manage our servers, do backups, protect our production systems, and what happens if there's a catastrophe at our data centers. The short answer is that we spend a serious amount of time improving our infrastructure,...

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Fabricator Profile: Crowley’s Granite & Quartz

I say this with absolute confidence: Every shop needs a Leta. For the last 17 years, Leta McConnaughey has been the guru behind the shop's Moraware set-up. Not only is she kind and engaging, Leta is curious and eager to continuously make things run better. Her role as...

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Centralize your job information for more peace of mind

Oh, I think we all know the chaos of a disorganized system. You know what I mean - phones ringing, too much time tracking down answers, lots of miscommunication and mistakes making everyone cranky. So then you know why centralizing job information in a countertop shop...

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What’s the cost of not changing?

This is one of our favorite questions to ask when we first talk to a fabricator looking at software. It's an important question, and one that can be applied to any part of your business. Let's face it - as humans, we all get into a comfortable groove and it's hard to...

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How Tower Countertops became unstuck

Here at Moraware, we're *big* believers in the power of organizing your business. Over the last year, we've covered a variety of ways to do this depending on what your bottlenecks are. From reorganizing your shop layout for maximum efficiency, implementing software to...

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Ask the right questions when buying quoting software.


StoneTalk Episode 44 – Evan Kruger

In StoneTalk Episode 44, Patrick speaks with Evan Kruger of Solid Tops. Listen to this episode to learn more about: The importance of differentiating your business The difference between big box stores and selling direct to customers The value of focusing your...

StoneTalk Episode 43 – Rich Katzmann

In StoneTalk Episode 43, Patrick speaks with Rich Katzmann of Laser Products. Listen to this episode to learn more about: The importance of having passion for your work The value of combining creativity and business sense How to connect the dots in the digital...

StoneTalk Episode 42 – Scott Lardner

In StoneTalk Episode 42, Patrick speaks with Scott Lardner of Rocky Mountain Stone. Listen to this episode to learn more about: The joy of working with family How to succeed in an area where the population is spread out When it can be useful to downsize The importance...

StoneTalk Episode 41 – Ryan Olson & Dan O’Keefe

In StoneTalk Episode 41, Patrick speaks with Ryan Olson & Dan O'Keefe of Job Well Done. Listen to this episode to learn more about: The value of helping field workers get targeted information Making it easier to take before/after photos Getting electronic...

StoneTalk Episode 40 – Jon Lancto

In StoneTalk Episode 40, Patrick speaks with Jon Lancto of Artisan Group and MIA. Listen to this episode to learn more about: Sharing best practices and buying power across companies The trend toward paperless A simple way to reconcile inventory Ever increasing...

StoneTalk Episode 39 – Mike Schlough and Rob Bromley

In StoneTalk Episode 39, Patrick speaks with Mike Schlough (Co-President) and Rob Bromley (Sales Consultant) of Park Industries. We're big fans of Park's "digital expos" - so be sure to attend one if you get the chance. Listen to this episode to learn more about: What...


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