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New Feature: Autosave in CounterGo

If you’re new to Moraware, you might not know that we make updates to the software almost every day. Even though we’re making things better, it’s not usually worth a blog post, but today we released a new feature we wanted to share with you!

In CounterGo, there’s now an auto-save feature. That means that if you’re in the middle of editing a countertop quote and get distracted, you won’t lose your work… even if you don’t hit the Save button.

Now, you can recover your changes the next time you open that quote.

We’ll keep you posted as we do new features that are really cool. Oh, and if you’re not already using CounterGo and you want a way to draw, lay-out, and quote countertops super fast, just enter your email below to schedule a free demo:

Moraware’s 2018 year in review

Happy New Year! If you’re reading this…. first, THANK YOU!!! I’m grateful and amazed by the support from our great team, customers, industry partners, friends, and family.

I’d like to give you a short update on the past year.


Our team grew by 50% in 2018. Annie, Chase, Julie, Katherine, and Kristina joined Moraware this year. Yay!

I’m really proud of the work that everyone’s been doing in getting all of the new folks up to speed on our industry, company, and products. It’s a lot to wrap your head around. Even with all of the growth of our own company, we’ve been able to keep chugging along: building, selling, and supporting software for countertop fabricators the whole time.

What we’ve been working on

2018 was a big year for us on the product side of things: we released Systemize in January. Now, a couple hundred countertop fabricators are using it. Hurrah!

Why am I so excited? Making Systemize was years of effort, and I’m glad it’s seeing daylight. We started with a premise (our software needs to be great on tablets and phones… and desktops, too) and then spent time and hired experts to help us with a new user interface, graphic design, and lots of software development. This project took tons of effort, and I’m psyched that it’s so much better than JobTracker (I’m not just the president of Moraware, I’m a user, too)

We also started upgrading JobTracker customers to Systemize over the last couple of months. The only sales pitch in this blog post: If you’re a JobTracker user and you’d like a cleaner, more modern, mobile-friendly experience… let us know that you’d like to schedule a conversation with our sales team! Just shoot an email to

Some stats

The key to our success is our customers’ success, and we measure that a couple of different ways.

You’re sending out lots of quotes from CounterGo. This year, it was over 650,000 quotes. That’s a ton of time our customers are saving every day, and I really believe that those quotes are leading to more countertop sales, too.

More than a million and a half new jobs were created in our scheduling and job management software. When you think about how many mistakes were avoided and much time was saved by using our software, it’s pretty humbling and I know we’ve made our customers’ lives better.

Part of the reason our company has grown is that the number of Moraware customers (and users!) keeps growing, too.

We’re lucky to have such a great group of customers. I’m looking forward to seeing some of you in the coming year.

Plans for 2019

Based on the opportunities ahead of us, we’re going to continue growing so that we can make our existing customers happier, solve more problems for countertop fabricators, and continue to improve the quality of life for everyone working at Moraware.

Thank you again to our customers, the Moraware team, our partners… I hope you have a fun, successful, and exciting 2019!

The Silver Lining of a Slow Season

No one is hoping to get their countertops installed New Years Eve, let’s face it. So, you’ve probably got a few weeks this month of downtime. You could browse the internet for the 100th time out of boredom or you could use these tips to gear up for a successful 2019!

Make Improvements to Your Current Process

Whether you are using CounterGo, Systemize, or other software to run your shop smoothly and efficiently, this is a great time to take a look and see what can be improved in your system. Making time to audit your process and learn your software thoroughly is hard to do when business is booming. Use this downtime to do some fine-tuning and get the most for your money!

Scheduling a call with us is a free and helpful way to see where improvements can be made in your current way of using Moraware. Want to make your forms cleaner or customize your quotes? Or maybe you’ve been wondering about upgrading from JobTracker to Systemize. Go ahead, give us a call – we really love being able to help!

The best part about doing this? You’ll be ready to go when things get busier!

Explore New Technology

We might be a little biased as a software company, but using some downtime to find new technology to help you run your business better sounds like the most fun! Technology is always evolving and improving, just like your shop. Keeping up with new trends will only benefit you. Just make sure to use your metrics to gauge how successful each is for you.

One emerging software that we’ve been watching this year is SpeedLabel. Working beautifully with our software, SpeedLabel is a great next step to becoming a paperless shop. Sounds like a pretty sweet New Year’s resolution!

Make Room for New Jobs

While you’ve got the extra time to get organized, it might be helpful to clear up some space in your shop for all those new jobs you’re planning on in the new year. Start listing your remnants on RemnantSwap, a free marketplace to buy and sell remnants with fabricators near you. 

Even if you don’t sell them immediately, at least you’ve started the process and done the hardest part – sat down and created the listings. 

And Most Importantly…

Enjoy your holidays and extra free time with your family and friends. We can’t wait to see what accomplish in the new year!

Fabricator Profile: Granite Perfection


Written by: Kristina

As newbie in this industry it is hard to fully understand all that encompasses fabricating countertops. When you see beautiful counters, you don’t think about the countless hours of work that goes into providing the perfect top you see everyday.

After visiting Granite Perfection I came to realize that the hustle is real in this industry and I was blown away at the quality work this shop sends out every single day. Thank you to David for showing us around your shop and providing a newbie with a new set of eyes to the industry.

Hard Work and Dedication

Upon walking into the shop we were quickly greeted by a furry face named Ginger. After giving her some pets, we were able to do a tour with David where he showed us around the shop and shared with us how long he has been in the business. I was blown away at the business David has continued to build tirelessly for 10+ years.

He started as an install helper with other top shops in the area and then quickly moved his way up to perfecting installation and fabrication. From there, it lit a spark for him to start his own business where he would wake up at 5:00 am and grind until 12:00 am in order to get the job done. He had one machine during that time in which he still has in his shop today.

Now Granite Perfection has a team dedicated in continuing that hard work and providing quality countertops all throughout Reno/Tahoe and surrounding areas both in the commercial and homeowner space.

Quoting Customers Way Faster

It was awesome to hear how much CounterGo has helped improved their quoting process and just the simple fact that they can quote customers way faster than before. Previous quotes used to take hours and maybe even a day to quote, whereas now, they are able to quote upwards of 20 jobs of a day. Being able to see the impact that we bring to businesses in this industry makes me so proud to be apart of this team at Moraware.

Visiting this shop was awesome and I am inspired by the work ethic and quality counters that come out everyday. Thanks again to Granite Perfection for letting us visit your shop!

Getting Involved in the Stone Industry Community

If you’ve ever needed an answer to a question or were looking for advice on a certain fabrication problem, you’ve most likely found the various resources out there for fabricators. Aren’t they great?

But, if you haven’t explored any of these yet – don’t feel left out! In this post, we’re going to dive into what those resources are, why they’re a great addition to the community, and why it’s so important for you to get involved.

Am I the only one who’s experienced this?

No way! If you’re facing some sort of challenge, it’s almost a guarantee that your peers have gone through the same thing at some point. Whether it’s a bottleneck in the installation process or the labor shortage struggle, we’re all in this together. Check out the Stone Fabricator’s Alliance where industry professionals like yourself come together to “learn, share, prosper.”

Why take the time out of an already jam packed schedule to participate?

Searching through the public forums, you’ll see a variety of helpful discussions and have access to insightful ideas to implement in your own business. Becoming a member also enables you to educate others with your experience which produces a strong sense of community among fabricators. One of the best ways to describe this comes from the SFA site itself, “We will strive to perfect our craft by continuing education and developing our individual skills, always sharing the experience.” In these forums, you’ll gain insight from your fellow fabricators and contribute to the movement by sharing what you’ve learned in your own journey.

Is it true that we can always be improving?

Can’t say absolutely loud enough. Want to improve your profitability? Or some part of your shop’s process? Employee retention? The use of technology? These topics and many more are part of various industry educational events that happen throughout the year every year.

The Natural Stone Institute and Stone World Magazine are two industry giants that have come together to create the Stone Industry Education series. With 10 events next year in cities across America, the series brings together a whole network of fabricators, installers, and distributors in the stone industry. A variety of topics ranging from financial benchmarking to management tips are covered by industry leaders at these educational summits.

Another series that we love going to is the Park Industries’ Digital Stone Expos. You’ll learn about digital fabrication but you’ll also get some fascinating shop tours where you’ll see firsthand how a fabricator runs his shop and get some great ideas. Many of the speakers will cover important industry trends and business practices like tracking metrics. Overall, these events are highly educational for anyone in the industry whether or not you work in a digital shop.

We can’t forget to mention the big industry trade shows like Coverings and The International Surface Event. These are great events to network with other fabricators and industry experts while learning all the latest trends.

And it’s worth taking off time from the shop?

If you’re learning something new that will only make your role or the shop better, then consider it an investment. You might be busier when you get back to work, but you’ll have fresh new ideas to implement that will create better success – whatever that may look like for you.

Does Moraware get involved?

We sure do! We’re looking forward to attending many of the events next year, participating more in the SFA, and continuing our relationships with industry leaders like Countertop Resources, International Surface Fabricators Association, and many more. If you see us at the events, say hi – we’re friendly, I promise!

Really, we speak with fabricators so often and our entire purpose is to help them run their business better. And we’re proud of our customers! Our goal is to showcase these journeys and share them with the stone community as much as possible. Whether it’s a StoneTalk interview, a Good to Great video, or a Q&A – we’re looking to showcase as many awesome fabricators as possible and be another resource for this industry.

Interested in sharing more in the community? I love to chat – probably too much – so please feel free to reach out because I’d love to get to know you and what makes your shop great!

Say Hello to Kristina!

Hi Everybody!

My name is Kristina Garcia and I am so excited to be apart of the Moraware team. The team has welcomed me with open arms and I am truly blessed to be here. Their commitment to providing the best possible product and service is why I love this place.

In my career I have worked in many different areas ranging from customer service, tutoring, case management, and various leadership roles. All of which have had the same component which is guiding and helping people better their businesses or lives anyway I can. With my servant mindset, I plan to continue helping people to the best of my ability because it brings me so much happiness.

I currently reside in Reno, NV with my husband and two big dogs. I was born and raised in Reno and truly love all that it has to offer, such as the great outdoors, mountains as far as I can see and Lake Tahoe to explore in the summertime. In my freetime, you can find me playing with flowers and creating unique arrangements for weddings and friends, hanging out with my husband and two dogs, reading and manifesting my best life.

I cannot wait to meet each of you over the phone, and if you ever have questions about how to keep cut hydrangeas alive, I am your gal!