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The Guide to Getting Positive Reviews for Your Fab Shop

It’s so easy to brush off online reviews as ridiculous commentary from difficult people and trolls. But online reviews are actually a tool you can use to make incredible strides in your business.

Yes, you can use the negative feedback to inform your process the next time – that’s a given. We’re always looking to grow and be better. But you can actually use reviews to increase your sales.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting more online reviews for your fabrication shop.

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Do Countertop Fabricators Really Need Scheduling Software?

If you’re not using scheduling software, what are you currently using to organize your fabrication schedule? A magnetic board, a whiteboard, maybe a color-coded Google Calendar?

Second question: how much time do you spend each and every day on scheduling? An hour, a couple of hours, maybe even half the day or more?

It’s no secret doing scheduling this way is a pain. But even so, can fabricators make it work instead of investing in a scheduling software?

Let’s explore it!

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Go Paperless and Reduce Remakes with Moraware and SPEEDLabel

For the first four or five months, Geoffrey Gran of The Countertop Factory Midwest used a whiteboard to organize scheduling for his countertop company. He realized very early on that his team needed software to become more efficient. Through the grapevine, Gran heard of others in the business using Moraware, so he scheduled a demo and signed up shortly after.

Looking back, Gran says, “It was the only reason we were able to go paperless.”

Once he went paperless in the shop, he realized the office needed to follow suit. 

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How to Set Up Google My Business For Your Fabrication Shop

Google My Business is the modern Yellow Pages.

In years past, when someone needed a product or service, they’d flip through the local phone book. Today, the first place people go is… drumroll, please… Google!

Yes, people use other search engines like Bing or DuckDuckGo, but Google still dominates the search engine space with a market share of over 73%.

Say you’re renovating your kitchen and need new countertops. Most people are going to hop on their smartphone, open their web browser, and type in something like “countertops near me.”

What happens next could dictate whether your shop gets their business.

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How to Hire Quality Talent for Your Countertop Company

Featuring Geoffrey Gran, Owner of The Countertop Factory Midwest

Geoffrey Gran and his business partner Bill Heuer started TCF in 2005. They now have 162 employees and are the largest fabricator in Illinois. Their goal from the beginning was to be the best, and hiring great employees has been the key to achieving it.

Finding quality talent is one of the largest pain points in the fabrication industry, so we turned to Geoffrey for some advice. 

He shares the tools TCF uses to find employees, must-ask interview questions, the most common mistake fab shops make when hiring, and more.

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