Cache Valley Countertops – Customer Profile

Jun 23, 2004 | Customer Profile

Purchasing problems: Cache Valley Countertops carries a wide range of products, so ordering and keeping track of material was a time-consuming process. The employees doing the work were overwhelmed ordering all of the product variations. Scheduling problems: Providing great customer service was difficult. When customers called, customer service reps couldn’t give fast and accurate information about install or fabrication schedules. The solution: Now that Cache Valley Countertops is using JobTracker, they’ve been able to run their operations better and faster. They estimate that they’re saving up to four hours per day on tedious jobs that have been reduced or eliminated using the new system. “JobTracker has made all of our employees more efficient and accurate in their job duties, and able to provide better customer service” Cache Valley’s product information, suppliers, prices, and costs are now consolidated; which makes coordinating and ordering material a much simpler job. “This used to take me all day, now I have handed off all of these tasks to new employee who is doing things in less time than it took me.” They’ve even added a computer in the shop, so the production schedules are seen and updated immediately on the shop floor. “Now we simply use one program for everything associated with the day-to-day operation of our business.” This gives Cache Valley the freedom to grow the business. “I wonder how we did it without JobTracker!”