Quartz Forms – Customer Profile

Nov 19, 2006 | Customer Profile

Profile at a Glance: Quartz Forms was established in 1999 as a Silestone fabricator and installer Selective Surfaces. Today, with over 100 employees in two locations serving the New York and New Jersey areas, this fast-growing company has achieved astounding results. With such a large broad customer base, Selective Surfaces currently produces, on average, 150-170 kitchens a week. The majority of their business comes from the residential markets with some commercial work.

The Problem: Quartz Forms was relying on a bulky and difficult to access network of Excel spreadsheets and paperwork to keep track of each individual job. Additionally, employees also felt that it was hard to coordinate projects between their two high-tech facilities. With their enterprise growing every year, this dynamic company felt their current system could not handle the load but didn’t know how to change it without extensive support.

“Prior to Moraware, we had something for scheduling,” explains Vice President of Administrative Operations Lisa Tambasco. “But I wouldn’t even call it a ‘system’. That would be giving it too much of a compliment. It consisted of some Excel spreadsheets that were always lacking. There was also a lot of paperwork. It was really time consuming whenever we were trying to find anything specific.”

The Moraware Solution: Since Selective Surfaces made the switch to JobTracker, communication between the company’s two facilities has significantly improved. With Moraware’s remote access capabilities, both locations can instantly get up-to-date information about each other without delay. Selective Surfaces also utilizes the scheduling and estimating features of JobTracker to streamline work-flow and increase productivity.

“The old system was working somewhat for us,” continues Tambasco, “but with our recent growth, JobTracker definitely is better for us. It has allowed us to handle the greater demand on our time and resources.”

“Using JobTracker has made us a much more efficient company, because communication between our two facilities has improved tremendously. With JobTracker, we always know what our people have done and what they are working on.”

“The Moraware staff is always great when we have a question. I don’t think there is another company we deal with that has been as exceptional as them. They are available at any hour or any moment. And I don’t think we are getting any kind of special treatment, either. I think they must be like this for everyone.”

“Moraware has been very, very supportive. Without a doubt, their customer support is as good as the actual software. They’ve helped us with things that have improved JobTracker not just for us, but for other companies as well.”

“We find JobTracker to be absolutely priceless.”