The first blog post

Oct 28, 2009 | News

Hi!  Thanks for making your way to the Moraware blog.  Since this is the first blog post, I want to give you an idea of what we have planned.

We want to make this blog fun and informative for our customers, as well as people who’re trying to decide on what kind of software to use for scheduling and job management.  There are a couple of ways we think we can make it interesting.  I’m sure it’ll evolve over time, but here’s the rough plan of what you’ll find.

Case Studies.  I’d like to focus on interesting and unusual uses of Moraware JobTracker.  This might be highlighting a specific feature, or a way to use the software in a new industry.  There are plenty of companies pushing the limits, and those are the most exciting to us.

Best Practices.  Most of the help articles you find at are ”How-To’s”, and we want to augment the how’s with a bit more of the “Why”.  There are a lot of times when things aren’t black & white, so we can talk about it a little more casually.

What’s New.  Whenever we are headed to a trade show or another event, sending out a new release, or doing something else cool, it’ll show up here.

Answers.  There are certain questions we get asked a bunch, and we’ll try to answer them on the blog – either in the form of videos, articles, or links to some of our existing help or

Random stuff.  Occasionally, there are interesting articles about scheduling, running a business, news about our customers, or just generally cool topics that are related to what we’re doing.

I’m hoping we can put up a blog post about every week, not so often that it’s a pain to keep up, but enough to keep things fresh.