Crowley’s Granite Concepts – being fast

by | Jan 13, 2010 | Customer Profile

Crowley’s Granite Concepts in Tualatin, OR offers an incredibly fast job turn-around time for it’s customers.  Founder Aaron Crowley tells how they discovered this competitive advantage.


When Aaron Crowley founded his granite fabrication business in 1998, he was so limited by space and money that he had a to develop a unique, incredibly fast, job process.  Originally, they could only process a single kitchen countertop at a time and had to make sure that they could finish the job as quickly as possible, or risk losing future work.

As his company grew, they discovered that this quick turn-around was not a hindrance, but instead was a competitive advantage.

Crowley’s Granite focuses on a very narrow set of customers – homeowners who are replacing their countertops without a contractor on the job – and has built the business around providing speed, convenience, and certainty for those customers.

Aaron’s journey as a businessman and his focus on continuous improvement are detailed in his book Less Chaos, More Cash.

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