User Group meeting recap

Feb 16, 2010 | News

We had our user first-ever Moraware JobTracker user group meeting, and overall, it was valuable to all of us.  There’s plenty that we’ll do better next time, too.  The primary thing we hoped to provide was a place for our users to connect with each other…and I think we succeeded.

Here’s the outline of what happened.

  1. Introduction by me (Harry Hollander). I introduced the speakers, and gave some useful links for help and staying connected.
      1. Help –

      1. Blog –

      1. Facebook –

      1. Newsletter – subscribe by emailing

  2. Tips and Tricks by Roderick Bley of Fabricator’s Choice. Roderick covered topics that are beyond the scope of how most people use our software (and how we ever imagined people would use it), so it provided a great alternative to how we usually recommend using JobTracker.  Roderick showed how his company tracks vacations, machine maintenance, and how they deal with multiple shops that handle a huge volume of stone, solid surface, and laminate jobs.
  3. How I use JobTracker by Don Hinckley of NBC Solid Surfaces and Connecticut Soapstone.  Don went though how they track a job, from start to finish – starting with a quote, turning it into a job, scheduling, and tracking inventory.  At NBC, Don hired a programmer to extract more detailed reports from Moraware into custom software, so he could have a very specific overview of the work in progress in his shop.
  4. How I use JobTracker by Scott Daily of Maxwell Counters. Scott was instrumental in planning our meeting, and very clearly articulated his desire to have a community of Moraware JobTracker users.  Scott also took us on a live tour of how they manage their jobs, and though they have a business that’s similar to the other speakers’ – multiple product lines, servicing large number of big dealers – their approach was very different.  At Maxwell, their approach is intentionally simple.  Unless they all agree that a particular addition to the software is useful, they leave it out.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!   If you’d like to get involved in the Moraware User Group, contact us any time.