Tracking Sales with Processes

May 13, 2010 | JobTracker Tips

One of the new features in v3.1 of Moraware JobTracker is the ability to track the sales-related activities in your office, in addition to the jobs.

Here’s a 2-minute video that shows how to set up a new process for tracking leads, with activities for sales calls, emails, etc:

Even though this example shows just the basics of creating a single new process, it’s possible to add multiple ones.  For example, we’ve been using this feature with two additional processes – Leads (for our direct-mail list) and Prospects (companies that are in our sales pipeline).  We only track minimal information about leads, but start to build a more detailed profile of companies that become prospects, and even more when they turn into jobs.

Other than the different activities and forms that are available, new processes work just like the jobs – you can schedule from the calendar, assign activities, add forms and custom fields… and in Enterprise Edition, you can have related quotes, too.

For more help on using processes, check out