More attached file space!

by | Jun 1, 2010 | News

If you have a subscription to Moraware JobTracker, good news!  We increased the limit on attached file space to 5 times what is was before. 

The old file cabinets by mcfarlandmo

What that means is that you can attach up to 5GB of files in Basic Edition.  And, there’s now 10GB for Standard and Enterprise Edition.  Additional user packs come with 5GB of space, too.

We’re really glad that we can bump up the limits.  We’ve been improving how we manage, save, and back-up the attached files on our servers.  Usually, this kind of investment in our hardware and software is invisible to our users. 

This time, we wanted pass on a benefit of the technology gains we’ve made.

For all of you who have the purchased version of Moraware JobTracker (you’re probably in this category if you’ve been using our software since before April 2009) there’s no change in how your plan works.

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