Top 5 searches on our help pages

Sep 8, 2010 | JobTracker Tips

In mid-July, we switched our online help to a new platform, which makes it faster and easier for us to update the help articles. One of the side-benefits is that we have better insight into the kind of help people are searching for. Here are the top five searches on our help site:

  1. Excel. Based on the support calls we’ve gotten, the question behind this search is “I’ve got the data I want out of JobTracker, how can I slice and dice it and make more fancy charts?” The answer is that you can import data into Microsoft Excel. Here’s how:
  2. Video. Yes, watching a 2-minute video for help is usually easier than reading a help article. Based on this search, we’ve added a new page to our help with a complete list of videos.
  3. Forms. There are lots of forms that you can create – calendar forms, quote forms, job forms, and purchase order forms. What we’re striving for is that any paperwork you have today can be created as a form in Moraware JobTracker. If you can’t, let us know!
  4. Report. As I was reviewing the help about reports, I realized that we need more examples here. At Moraware, we use JobTracker to track our own sales and support activities… and I have a set of reports that I use daily to get the overview of our business. I assume other folks want to be able to do the same thing, so we’ll be adding more examples shortly.
  5. Remnant. I found it interesting that this was the only search topic in the top 5 that was specific to Enterprise Edition. There’s the technical help article that shows how to create a remnant, but probably more important is the overview of how inventory works. We’ve seen that effectively tracking remnants (especially for granite and marble) can have a dramatic financial impact to our customers.

I’m really happy that we made the switch to a new help system, and being able to provide more useful articles is a reason that I hadn’t even considered.

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