Free? You must be kidding.

Nov 22, 2010 | RemnantSwap

Money Hand by NeubieAs Ted mentioned, we’re creating a place for fabricators to buy and sell remnants – RemnantSwap.  Why would we do something like this for free

He touched on one reason – we think that a business based on hiding information doesn’t work on the internet.  But wait, there’s more.

Build a community. 

We’ve been fortunate that our scheduling software is used pretty widely by countertop fabricators, and our customers include many movers and shakers in the industry.  But, from everything we can tell, there are 10 times the number of fabricators – we’ve never heard of most of them, and I bet they’ve never heard of Moraware.

A huge part of our success has been that our users tell their friends about us.  So we figured – we need to give countertop fabricators another reason to talk to each other.  More people talking means that there’s a chance they’ll mention Moraware JobTracker. 

Computers, schmumputers.

But, our industry is behind the times.  When we’re talking to prospects, our biggest competition is the paperwork and whiteboards that they’ve been using for the last 20 years.  This is changing…slowly.  We want to give more companies another reason to use computers. 

If selling otherwise worthless remnants helps, we’re on the right track.  Maybe we can open their eyes to the fact that using software in your business can directly impact your bottom line.  We’re sure that fabricators will benefit dramatically over the long term. 

Go big or go home.

The paid remnant brokers are stuck.  If we charged for RemnantSwap we’d get forced into their game of constantly selling a service that only pays off for the fabricator once in a while.  Paid brokers can’t grow enough to make a market that’s useful to a large number of people.

We’re going to flip that on it’s head – something that’s free, open, valuable and simple will actually get used.  The more it gets used, the more it can grow and benefit everyone.