Getting new business with a slab sale

May 5, 2011 | RemnantSwap

We keep seeing awesome new ways to use RemnantSwap.

Over the last week, we noticed a spike in traffic from another website. Quality Surfaces in Indiana was having a remnant sale and promoted it on their regular site as well as a site specifically made for this purpose.

Of course, they had a link to their remnant inventory –

For two days, all of the employees became salespeople. The entire staff turned the homeowners who were looking for a great deal on a remnant into customers for bigger jobs, with a large number of them walking away with new kitchens.

If you haven’t already, please list your remnants on RemnantSwap, too. It’s fast, easy, and totally free for everyone. If you need help posting remnants for your next slab sale, watch this 2-minute video: