Moraware unveils CounterGo for estimating and drawing countertops

Moraware unveils CounterGo for estimating and drawing countertops

January 24, 2012 – Today we’re introducing CounterGo, a new way to quote countertops. With CounterGo you draw a countertop, and the price is automatically calculated. You can turn a customer’s napkin sketch into a professional looking drawing, quote, and slab layout. All in just a few minutes. Before the customer leaves your showroom.

Most countertop fabricators tell us creating quotes is one of the worst parts of their job. It takes too much time. And yet it’s critical to the business. Hand-drawn sketches are time-consuming to make and hard to read.

How do you know if a kitchen needs two slabs or three? It’s difficult to be sure unless you lay out the pieces on the slab. It’s even harder to show customers why they’re paying for an extra slab.

We built CounterGo to address these problems.

CounterGo is an online service that requires only an internet connection and a web browser to use. Just like Moraware JobTracker that you may be using already. And CounterGo integrates into JobTracker. So you won’t have to re-enter customer information between quotes and jobs.

CounterGo is currently available by invitation only. If you’d like to get on the list for early access, please contact us at 866-312-9273 or

About Moraware
Moraware has been making software for countertop fabricators since 2002. JobTracker is scheduling software that helps you eliminate the time you waste looking for job folders. RemnantSwap is a free place to buy and sell countertop remnants with fabricators near you.

Contact Information
Harry Hollander
866-312-9273 x802

18 thoughts on “Moraware unveils CounterGo for estimating and drawing countertops

  1. Gordon Shell

    The new software sounds great, if you are offering any type of trials, I would love to evaluate it, I still do consulting for fabricators and get software questions on a regular basis.
    Have a great 2012!
    Gordon Shell
    EOS Surfaces LLC

  2. Shannon Bitzer

    What a great tool for our dealers. I have been using the software for about a week now, I have a few questions as well as a few ideas to help improve it. Give me a ring when you return from Stone Expo. Have a great week!


  3. Chris Yaughn

    Hi guys. I would love to try this out. I am still operating a very small shop, but this might work for us. Let me know if you guys still need people to test out early versions.


  4. Tsetung Soon

    Thank god I came across this software today, it is what I have been looking for some time now.
    What I would like to know is, can this software be used with an automatic templating system such as the PROLINER? If so that would be great.

    1. Harry Hollander Post author

      Hi Tsetung –

      CounterGo doesn’t integrate with any templating systems. But, as long as you have internet access, you can log into your account and draw, layout, and quote countertops.

      If you’d like to schedule an online demo, please contact me directly any time.

      Harry Hollander
      866-312-9273 x802

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    1. Harry Hollander Post author

      There are several companies using CounterGo with a tablet or iPad already. We keep working on improvements to make the tablet experience as good as how it works on a laptop computer.

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