Labeling edges on drawing

May 7, 2012 | CounterGo

When you print a CounterGo quote, the drawing now shows symbols on the edges. There’s a legend below the drawing showing what symbol maps to each edge. On the price list you can select an image for each finished edge, and that image will show in the legend of the drawing.

We moved the “update to latest price list” link to the right side of the page. That makes it easier to find, and is available from any tab while editing the quote. If a new price list revision is created while you’re in the middle of editing a quote, the message will automatically be displayed.

It’s now easier to see who changed a quote or price list. When viewing either one, the user name and timestamp is displayed at the top of the revision. And if you click the “Select Revision” button, a table displays with all the revisions, who created them, at what time, along with the notes.

We also made a few changes to the way quotes and price lists are saved. There’s no longer a button to save a draft. And when you click the save button the page goes back to view mode, rather than staying in edit mode. That should reduce a lot of confusion we were hearing from users.

When you edit a price list, the page now opens in edit mode directly, rather than having to go through the extra step of clicking the edit button.

And we’ve fixed a few bugs:

  • Overriding the price on a clipped corner now works
  • If you override the price of an appliance edge, the no price message now goes away
  • Fixed problem wrapping text on printed quote when there were some special characters in the text

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