Stone Masters – fabricator profile

Aug 21, 2012 | Customer Profile

Imagine a company so Green that it recycles motor oil in its neighbor’s heating system. Or, an indoor slab selection warehouse that features a 132’ x 4’ translucent light panel, effectively replacing ALL electrical lighting during 95% of the company’s hours of operation. Then there is the stone off-fall recycling program that converts small remnants into pavers for driveways, patios and pool decks.

Add all this to traditional Green management practices, such as recycling 4 million gallons of water per year, recycling all paper, metal and plastic waste and converting to an online ordering system to reduce paper waste, and you have Stone Masters, Inc. in Kennett Square, PA.

Cool as all this is, there is a more compelling reason why folks in the Delaware Valley area go to Stone Masters for their granite, marble, soapstone or quartz countertops. It’s the overall purchasing experience.

Heather D’Angelo describes it like this: “Once you arrive at Stone Masters, you find an indoor stone yard full of beautiful and exotic slabs plus a showroom filled with stunning examples of these stones put to use. After you have made your selection, our templating and programming experts will come to your home and gather data points.”

“Using Slabsmith stone layout software, you may view your slab as a finished product with grain orientation before it is actually cut. Using CNC and Water-Jet technology, which complement the Slabsmith software, our fabricators turn your plans into a physical reality. And last but not least, the Installation team, a group that takes great pride in their work, will put the final pieces in place.

In the late 1990’s when Dan and Ann Marie DiTomaso were working as remodeling contractors, they identified a compelling need for a stone fabrication company in the Delaware Valley that:

  1. Carried an inventory of slabs for onsite selection,
  2. Was customer focused and
  3. Offered its products at a fair price.

Not finding a company that fit the criteria they joined with Dan’s cousin, Phillip Longo, to research the market, select stone production tools and equipment, and ultimately set up shop in Aston, PA. At first, the fabrication and installation was handled by Dan and Phillip, but as the little company grew so did its cadre of experienced fabricators, installers, office professionals and sales people.

When Ann Marie came on fulltime as the company’s crack sales person, she brought along Jack, a 65 lb. Labradoodle, who has since become the company’s most loyal employee.

Jack takes his job very seriously, giving visitors the grand tour that conveniently ends at his jar of biscuits. Due to his ever growing fan base, he even has his very own Facebook page.

Fabricating stone in a digital age requires a commitment to keeping up with technology and implementing the latest and most relevant advances in the business. At Stone Masters, the shop utilizes digital fabrication equipment, such as a CNC router and water jet; digital templating; and virtual slab layout software.

On the marketing side, the company website is tastefully packed with useful information and features a blog that is kept up to date with interesting information. Not only does the blog feature several members of the Stone Masters staff as contributors, it is a highly useful tool for improving the company’s organic ranking with Internet search engines.

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