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Aug 7, 2012 | Customer Profile

All good stone should have a good home. For the folks at Stoneworks Marble & Granite in Edmonton, Alberta, that phrase is more than a catchy tagline – it is a mission. In order to accomplish that mission Stoneworks makes it easy to do business with them. Take, for instance, their installed warranty:

“We offer a Unique Selling Proposition in that we guarantee the work we do AND expect that you will be completely satisfied you made the right purchase – or we will offer to remove the stone and provide a full refund on your project,” says Chua Tang, owner/operator of Stoneworks Granite & Marble. “Satisfaction and peace of mind are our number one priority, which is why all of our work is 100% guaranteed for as long as you own your home.”

Considering that God gives no warranty for natural stone, that’s a pretty gutsy position to take unless, of course, you are confident in your ability to satisfy the customer. As a truly hands-on business owner with 15 years experience in the stone industry, Tang is confident. But, it’s not all about him: Tang knows the company’s success is dependent upon its people.

It’s The People

“We boast a very hands-on production team and sales staff,” says Tang. “They have the ability to focus on understanding and meeting the customers’ needs by working with them through every step of the countertop selection and installation process.”

One of those employees is Ron Bellemare, who started out in the fabrication shop when the company opened and now handles inside sales and operations management for Stoneworks. Bellemare knows how important customer service is to the success of the Stoneworks operation, which makes him a fan of JobTracker.

“It saves me a ton of work and hassle,” he says. “It took me about half an hour to learn, yet I’d be lost without this program. Everything about every customer, every week is at my fingertips. It’s really great for the guys in the back because it gives them all the information they need to do the job.”

When Tang founded Stoneworks in 2008 his focus was on providing customers with the convenience of a one-stop shop. To that end, Stoneworks offers custom sinks, faucets and tile and processes all projects in-house, from template through installation using digital technology. The company offers granite, quartz, onyx and marble countertops for both commercial and residential customers. Stoneworks also maintains a new showroom featuring finished room vignettes to make it easier for their customers to visualize how a new countertop might look in their home.

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