Printing seams, laminated edge images

Sep 24, 2012 | CounterGo

This week’s update to CounterGo includes one of our most requested features.

1) Printing seams

When you define a seam on the slab layout, the seam now shows on the drawing for steps 1-4. The seam will also show when you print the quote for your customer. To hide the seams on the printout, edit the quote form and uncheck “Include Seams” on the drawing field.

2) Laminated edge images

When you edit the image for an edge on the price list, there is a lamination option to show the image as double or triple thickness. This changes the image to look like a laminated edge. We also added a few more images to the bottom of the list for edges requested by some customers.

3) Simplified form editing

A common question from new users is how to edit the printed quote form, so we simplified things a bit. When you print a quote, there is a new “Edit” link next to the list of forms that will take you directly to editing the form. We also consolidated a few different buttons on the page, so there’s now just two at the top. One to edit form info, and one to edit multiple form fields at once.

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