Trussell’s Transformations – fabricator profile

Oct 23, 2012 | Customer Profile

“Full Service” means different things to different people. To Danny and Christy Trussell of Trussell’s Transformations in Albuquerque, NM, it means providing peace of mind to their clients – no matter what it takes.

We think it is better for our customers that we use our own people wherever possible,” explains Christy Trussell. “When our clients hire us for big jobs, they have confidence that we will bring in the same people throughout the project, and there won’t be a lot of new faces and strange people walking around.

Which makes perfect sense, as Trussell’s Transformations specializes in home remodeling – and often has projects that last from 6-8 weeks. “Considering that the homeowner has to live with all that chaos,” Christy continues, “it’s comforting to know that the same people will be there everyday.

Not Only Renovations

But, that’s not to say Trussells’ only business is limited to extensive renovations. “We also do flooring and countertops,” Christy explains. “The majority of the flooring jobs come through Lowe’s. Problem is, that is sometimes a seasonal business, and we want the best flooring people in Albuquerque working on our projects – so we hired them to work for Trussells full time.

Which, is vintage Trussells.

We do tear-out, plumbing, appliances, cabinets,” Christy explains.”When they come to us they get Trussells and not a bunch of different companies. We feel that customers who care about that kind of service and who want to control who goes into their home appreciate that we use employees and not sub-contractors for almost all the work. Our market is not the $25/sq ft for a countertop. Our market is people who have a little money to spend and want us to worry about the details. If you are going to hire a company to come in for 6-8 weeks, it’s nice to know the same people will be there the whole time.

Founded in 2003, Trussell’s Transformations was started by Danny Trussell, who started out as a remodeling contractor with an engaging interest in everything related to home renovation. Today, the company works out of a 5,000 sq ft facility that includes warehouse, office, countertop fabrication shop, showroom and a storage room for carpets and pads. The company has 12 employees, including three countertop fabricators and two installers. Almost all of their work is in the residential sector, although they also do some commercial countertop jobs.

Multiple Marketing Channels

People find us in so many places,” Christy explains. “We have just had our website redone and we are getting lots of comments about it. We get a lot of our business from Lowe’s, especially on the flooring side. That said, virtually all of our remodeling work comes from word of mouth. We do a lot of work for people who work at Sandia National Labs.

Christy maintains that Moraware’s JobTracker is a vital tool for keeping track of the many activities in which the small, yet busy, company is engaged. “We use JobTracker to schedule everything. For flooring, countertops, everything in our business. We use it for quoting granite. We do inventory for carpet in JobTracker. It’s an integral and necessary part of our business.

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