How to edit product lines

Dec 26, 2012 | JobTracker Tips

One of the questions we get from new JobTracker Inventory Edition users is How should I set up my product lines?. Usually, our answer is Any way is fine. Don’t worry about it for now.

That’s because changing the product families and product lines is easy and not critical to get right from the beginning. You’ll probably only decide on the right organization after you’ve started looking at reports of your inventory, purchase orders, and allocated material.

Here’s how to change product families and lines, create new ones, and move your products around:

We usually see products organized by material, but it really depends on how many different products you sell. Here’s a typical example:

Product Family = Material
   Product Line = Countertop material
     Product = Granite
     Product = Quartz
   Product Line = Sinks
     Product = Blanco sink
     Product = Kohler sink

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