How to send quotes via email

Dec 7, 2012 | CounterGo Tips

When we originally planned CounterGo, we thought that as a countertop fabricator, you shouldn’t let a customer leave without a quote.

Having your quote in their hands immediately makes sure that they know you’re serious about getting their business. And, it means they’re much more likely buy from you.

It’s not always convenient to print the quote and hand them the paper, so you can also email the quote directly from CounterGo. (actually, I personally prefer getting emails over paper)

Here’s how to email a quote from CounterGo:

In addition to making the email easy, there are a couple of other cool things about sending the emails.

  1. The email gets logged right in CounterGo, so you know who sent the email, when, and to whom.
  2. The quote is sent as a link. When your customer clicks on the link, they’ll see the PDF version of the quote, and at the same time, you’ll know that they looked at it.
  3. You can set up email templates, so you don’t need to re-think the text you’re sending to customers every time.

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