How to view quotes edited in a date range

Jan 18, 2013 | CounterGo Tips

CounterGo makes it very fast to draw, layout, and quote counter tops. But, there’s more to it than just creating the quotes. You can also see what you’ve done – through views.

For example, you might want to see who’s making changes to which quotes & when. This can be important, especially if you have multiple salespeople creating new drawings and quotes. So, you can create a view for that. Here’s an example of seeing quotes that have been edited in a specific date range.

You can customize the view more by adding more columns. You might want to see the quote dates and salespeople’s names right on the Quotes page, so that all of the details you need are on one screen.

If you need more help, or would like to see more example views, check out our help.

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