Countertop layout: unusual wine bar

Jul 17, 2013 | CounterGo Tips

After posting a few examples of countertop layouts, I thought it’d be fun to find some more unusual shapes and create them in CounterGo.

Here’s an example of a countertop in a Dallas wine cellar that’s definitely not run-of-the-mill:

Obviously the material they used on this countertop isn’t stone (it’s a photo image on stainless steel), but the layout is similar to other bars and eat-in kitchens we’ve seen.

So, here’s a short video on how to draw that same countertop layout using CounterGo:

What’s cool about drawing it in CounterGo is that even though it’s moderately complex, it still just took a few minutes to draw out the shape and put in the seams. And, here’s the final countertop layout:
Unusual wine bar countertop layout