Adding deposits to CounterGo quotes

Adding deposits to CounterGo quotes

You can now add deposits to CounterGo quotes.

After you edit and save a countertop drawing, you’ll be looking at the Quote Detail. Click on the Edit Quote Info button.

Next, click on the Add Deposit button. You can either enter a whole number for a specific deposit, or if you enter a number less than one, it will be a percentage.

Once you click OK, you’ll see the deposit in the Quote Info section, on the right where there’s a price summary, and also when you print or email the quote.

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2 thoughts on “Adding deposits to CounterGo quotes

  1. Patrick McGarvey

    It would be great if we could turn the quotes into invoices instead of having to re-enter all the info back into another program to get an invoice!

    1. Harry Hollander Post author

      Thanks for the feedback, Patrick. We’ll keep making improvements… I’ll give you a call to discuss this in more detail.

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