Other sinks, more cooktop cutout options

Apr 2, 2014 | CounterGo

CounterGo now lets you add sinks as you’re creating a quote, and you can specify the dimensions of cooktop cutouts.

When you’re on Step 4 of a drawing, there’s now a choice to add an Other Sink.

Add other sink

If you don’t see that option, you can add it for each price list. Just go to the Price List menu, edit the price list, and in the Sink Model section, allow other sinks. Once you allow other sinks, you’ll be able to give the new sink a name, price, and specify the dimensions and type of bowl.

Other sink options

We did something similar with cooktops. Now, instead of having just one kind of cooktop cutout that shows up on the drawing, you can set the dimensions and number of burners to show in the picture.

Add cooktop cutout

Instead of putting in new dimensions every time, you can set up commonly use cooktops ahead of time, too. That’s also on the Price List, in the Cooktop Cutout Options section.

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