What is the purpose of your website?

Aug 25, 2014 | Business

It can be a long haul getting folks to view your web pages, so you don’t want to squander the opportunity. But, now that they are there, what do you hope to accomplish?

Of course, the ultimate goal is to sell them a countertop. But, how many people do you think are ready to plunk down $4,000+ simply after viewing a web page?

That’s right, very few, if any.

It’s important to understand that people who search online for a countertop are at a different stage in the purchasing process than someone who comes into your showroom. While it is true that both types of prospects are looking for information, the online prospect has far less invested than someone who takes the time to call or come to your place of business.

There’s a reason why website analytics are measured in SECONDS.

Get Them To Call

Typically, the ultimate goal of a fabricator’s website is to generate a phone call or an email. Once that initial contact is made, the next goal is to get the prospect into the showroom. Statistics gathered from fabricators suggest that the conversion rate for prospects who actually visit a showroom is upwards of 70%! You have to love those odds.

Not only must the content on your website be optimized for the various search engines just to get people to view your message, it must also be geared to achieve one simple goal: to generate a phone call or email. That means the content (photos and words) have to be streamlined to convey the message that your company is likely the right one to do business with.

It also means your Call to Action has to be unambiguously clear: Call Us!

There is nothing wrong (and probably a lot right) with bribing your Internet visitors with an “Online Special” that is set to expire by a certain date. After all, getting them to call moves them one step forward to the goal of getting them into the showroom, where closing rates are in the 70%+ range, remember?

Know What To Say

Once the conversion is accomplished, i.e., the prospect calls the number listed on the website, or emails for more information, there is another gateway to cross. Are your people trained on how to respond when the first question a caller asks is, “What do you charge for a granite countertop?

Keep in mind that just because someone immediately asks about price, it doesn’t mean she is a “shopper.” For someone who doesn’t know a lot about granite countertops that may be the only intelligent question she knows to ask.

How you train your people to respond to that initial question about price can be critical. This is familiar territory for most fabricators and should be part of your overall sales strategy, as well as consistent with the brand you have developed for your company.

It’s almost certain, however, that successful responses to the price question don’t include phrases like, “It depends”, or “What are you looking for?

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