Another New Voice at Moraware

Oct 2, 2014 | News

Howdy. I’m Kathleen Teodoro, another a new member of the Moraware team. As my “howdy” may reveal, I’m a proud Texan – even though I’ve only lived here for a year. It was meant to be! I love the blazing heat, the flamboyant footwear, the turquoise-and-orange sunsets, and the general optimism. My quirky style and can-do attitude fit right in here.

bluebonnets300x300 But I’ve enjoyed other parts of the country, as well, just as I’ve enjoyed working in other industries. I cut my teeth in technical support and training while working for Adobe Systems in Seattle, WA. Great people, great products, great training. But I also met my great husband during those years, and we eventually moved to Ann Arbor, MI with our two young children while he pursued a PhD.

I then spent a number of years working in the not-for-profit sector, mostly as a grant writer. The best thing about grant writing was working with talented, passionate people to help develop a business case for their good work. The toughest but most essential lesson for these clients: “Nonprofit is a tax status, not a strategic objective. It is okay, and indeed desirable, for income to exceed expenses.” Yeah, seems pretty basic to a business owner, but when you’re focused on feeding the hungry or protecting the local rivers, profit can sound like a dirty word. Once we cleared that hurdle, however, and came up with a sustainable plan, it was a delight to tell their stories. So many inspiring stories!

When my husband landed his first faculty position in Central New York, we relocated again. In addition to continuing my work in the nonprofit sector, parenthood led me to start a side business. My children got involved in the very strange but wonderful world of competitive Irish dance. In order to pay for this very expensive hobby, I started selling curly wigs and tiaras out of the back of my minivan. Really. I covered a region that spanned a five-hour radius from our home, driving to dance schools and competitions on the weekends, teaching moms and dancers all about costuming and makeup. And I loved it! On paper it seems like the basest of activities (wigs? makeup?), but people were so appreciative. And I understood: it wasn’t about the costumes. It was about wanting to give your kid the same chances as the next kid. It was about feeling like you were a good mom. Or good enough, anyway. So I was sincerely delighted to teach the same things, customer after customer, week after week.

kft-color-200x200Who would have guessed that this roundabout path was leading me to my perfect job at Moraware. Training, software, solving business problems, helping people. And telling stories. I’m excited about the work, and I love the collaborative environment that Ted and Harry have created – even though we’re scattered across the country! I look forward to collaborating with you too, and hope I’ll get the chance to learn your stories and even share a few on this blog.

And, yes, I did save a few tiaras. They go great with my cowboy boots!