StoneTalk Episode 7 – Mike Langenderfer

Nov 18, 2014 | StoneTalk

All of us have heard that having a business mentor is incredibly powerful, but Mike Langenderfer of The Countertop Shop in Holland, OH has first-hand experience. His participation in ISFA’s “Million Dollar Mentor” program a few years ago was one of the factors that’s helped him grow his business…

In our StoneTalk interview with Mike, he also discusses:

  • The importance of focusing on customer satisfaction
  • How to tell if your countertop business is making money
  • Why you have to be able to measure your business in order to improve it
  • Analyzing job metrics properly in order to calculate profits
  • The importance of empowering your employees to solve problems on their own


If you prefer to read the interview, here’s the transcript.

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