StoneTalk Episode 10 – Scott Edwards and Marty Medina, VPN Systems

StoneTalk Episode 10 – Scott Edwards and Marty Medina, VPN Systems

Even though we’re constantly working on updates to Moraware CounterGo and JobTracker, we can’t solve every problem for every countertop fabricator. So, we’ve also been thinking a bit more about how to make our partners successful. VPN Systems is one of those partners – they’ve built software to read barcode labels and compare that to the counts in Moraware JobTracker Inventory Edition.

In episode 10 of the StoneTalk podcast, Patrick chats with Scott and Marty to understand what they’re doing, and how it could help more countertop companies.


In this episode, you’ll learn more about VPN Systems and barcoding, especially:

  • How VPN’s systems integrates with Moraware JobTracker.
  • The hardware needed to use VPN’s systems.
  • Marty’s one big issue with JobTracker.
  • The changes Marty would like to see in Moraware’s software features and API.
  • What VPN’s system can do for your business.

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