Moraware Newsletter – January 2015

Jan 29, 2015 | Newsletter


We had a great time at TISE and KBIS last week in Las Vegas. We especially enjoyed catching up with fabricators – and meeting some of our customers for the first time! Scheduling both shows during one Design & Construction week seemed to generate a lot of energy, and people we talked to seemed very upbeat. Equipment makers spoke in terms of struggling to meet demand rather than trying to reach out to new customers. Hope it proves to be a great year for our customers!

Did you see our blog post about how we went about getting a new logo? We had a great experience working with 99designs , an online design competition service – so we wanted to share what we learned with our friends. The whole process was a lot less painful and a lot more affordable than it would have been in years past. Follow this link to learn more.


Have you listened to It’s our online radio show that features interviews with fabricators and folks in the industry. Each episode is about 30 minutes, and we think you’ll find it entertaining and informative.

Episode 11: Jason Nottestad, International Sourcing Manager for VT Industries, a laminate manufacturer and hard surface fabricator with nationwide reach.
Episode 12: Roderick Bley of Fabricator’s Choice, a consulting company that helps fabricators with all aspects of their businesses.

You can subscribe from iTunes or download individual recordings the new from the website. Watch for the new StoneTalk app coming soon!


Want to learn some tips and tricks in JobTracker? Here are a couple of answers to the most common questions we’ve gotten in the last month.

Q: Is there a way to view total square footage by activity type on the calendar for this week?

A: You bet – as long as you’re tracking that square feet information in your Job Forms. You can create a week-at-a-glance view for a single activity, like Install, or you can create a view that sorts all the activities for each day and gives you the total square footage for each (see below). Click the Options button when you are in Calendar View to customize your View.

You will need to select the Activity Types you want to include, as well as the fields you want to display for each Activity. To include the square footage, click the Subtotal button and select the Job Form that contains the field for tracking square feet. For more details, see this help document, and please email us if you have any trouble.

JobTracker is scheduling software that replaces your whiteboard, file folders, and spreadsheets. To find out more, call us any time. 866-312-9273


Did you know? You can separate your quote into different areas or rooms. Defining areas in Step 5 allows you to select different material for different countertops, and it enables you to show subtotals by area.
Visit our Help pages for step-by-step instructions – or you can even download and import a sample form to get you started!

If you’re just starting with CounterGo, check out our training , which is a sequence of videos that walks you through a quote from start to finish.

CounterGo lets you draw, layout, and quote countertops in 3 minutes. Find out more by calling us at 866-312-9273.


Consider attending the next Stone Industry Education event in Salt Lake City, UT on February 18, 2015. Organized by StoneWorld and the Marble Institute of America, the event features a Fabricators Forum panel of industry leaders, as well as marketing training from an expert with a proven track record. And we’ll be there to share some tips and tricks about getting more out of Moraware!

Looking ahead: Park Industries will be hosting another Digital Stoneworking Expo in Orlando, FL on March 5, 2015.


RemnantSwap is a free place to buy and sell countertop remnants . Take a minute and see what materials are near you. Search for any color or material and we’ll show you what’s closest to you.

Here’s more info, including a 2-minute video.


You can reach us at