Customizing calendar views

Jan 18, 2016 | JobTracker Tips

One of the calendar features that’s really powerful in Moraware JobTracker is using Views. The idea is that each person in the office (or shop) can create their own view by changing options, and then see the calendar that they care about most.

For example, as the owner of a countertop shop, you might care most about the overview – seeing that everything that’s on the schedule is actually getting done. But, if your job is to confirm templates with homeowners, you’ll have a very different view of the calendar.

Here are three examples of views, and help article that shows you how to build them.

Countertop shop overview

Before your countertop company dove into using software, you were probably using a big whiteboard to show the template and installation schedule.

That kind of overview is still incredibly useful, especially if you’re the owner or manager of a fabrication company – you want to see what’s going on every day this month.
Monthly overview calendar

If you’re a new user of Moraware JobTracker, you probably already have a monthly view by default. But, if you want to learn how to customize that monthly calendar, here’s how.

Working with big teams of templaters

As your countertop company grows, you’ll find that you (and your employees) will need different sets of views in your toolbox. The simple overviews that worked when you had one templater and installation crew start to break down when you add lots of folks in the field.

You should definitely experiment with the Options… on the calendar, but one of the most dramatic ways to squeeze more information into the screen is by changing the Display Type on the calendar. That changes the fundamental layout of the calendar. Depending on the way you think about it, the Day by Assignee view might be one way to see what all of your crews are doing.

Day by Assignee view

If you like that view, you might also enjoy the Day by Display Field view – that’s another way to show lots of information on a calendar. Here’s how to create the day by assignee view.

Managing square feet through the shop

If you’re the shop manager at a countertop shop, one of the key metrics you care about is capacity. Many companies think of this in terms of square footage, but it’s also possible that you’re managing your capacity by revenue, linear feet, or throughput dollars.

In cases like that, it’s handy to see the subtotals on the calendar. In Moraware JobTracker, those subtotals take any number (like square feet) or currency (like dollars) and add them up. As you’re moving things on the schedule, you’ll see how they affect your capacity.

Subtotals on calendar

Here’s how to customize the calendar to see subtotals.

Depending on your role at your company, one of those views might suit your needs, or at the very least I hope I’ve shown you a way to do more customization.

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