Eliminate scheduling chaos

by | May 23, 2016 | Business, JobTracker Tips

I recently met a customer for coffee. His company has only been using JobTracker for 2 months, but he told me they’ve already seen a remarkable change: “We have so much less scheduling chaos now.” Before, people were getting overbooked, and they weren’t looking at capacity realistically. Hidden jobs leaked onto their calendar and caused other jobs to be late … Chaos.

“Eliminating scheduling chaos” is a great goal for any countertop fabricator, so I wrote a summary of how JobTracker can help. Most of the steps in this guide are pretty simple – the overall benefit comes from making a bunch of small improvements like these:

  • Setting workdays and holidays
  • Using Job Activities and Appointments
  • Using assignees (if you have more than one installer or templater)
  • Looking at the calendar!
  • Using auto-schedule to rough out your schedule
  • Tracking square footage and learning how much capacity you can handle

If you’d like to eliminate scheduling chaos for your company, start here.


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