Speed up Inventory Reconciliation with Barcode Scanning

by | Aug 23, 2016 | JobTracker Tips

Doing physical slab inventory counts can be a time consuming process, particularly when you have to track down discrepancies like:

  • Granite slab 12345 is supposed to be in Rack B, but it’s actually hiding in Rack H
  • Slab 55555 was recorded as consumed, but it was actually slab 55557 that was used
  • Rack J is supposed to contain 33 slabs, but actually contains 34

Assuming you’re not running a slab witness relocation program, consider MIRS by DataBridge Integrations.

MIRS (Moraware Inventory Reconciliation System) is a bar code scanning system that integrates directly with Moraware JobTracker. In a nutshell, it speeds up the process of reconciling physical inventory with JobTracker.
DataBridge Integration MIRS and JobTracker

Without a product like MIRS, you have to print a list of all serial numbers, check off the ones that exist, and then manually compare to JobTracker Inventory. MIRS automates this reconciliation with a barcode scanner and automatically fixes location discrepancies.

MIRS lets you see JobTracker slab statuses in real-time including available slabs, allocated slabs, and on-order slabs. MIRS Reporting completes the picture with a detailed look at all the slabs that were scanned.

To learn more about MIRS, download a detailed MIRS feature sheet, contact DataBridge Integrations or watch this video of MIRS in use at Solid Surfaces Inc in Rochester, NY.

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