Connect Your Office and Your Field Crews with Job Well Done

Jan 17, 2017 | Business, JobTracker Tips

Your business depends on workers in the field, so communication is essential. To that end, we’d like to highlight another partner product that’s been built to extend the functionality of JobTracker.

Every employee in the field needs to know where to go, what to bring, what to do, and so much more…

Even with well organized work orders and instructions, questions and errors can still happen, and when they do, the field teams have to call into the office – ultimately tying up other staff, slowing down the work, and costing you money. If you have multiple crews out working, the more they have to call in, the larger the consequences…

Enter Job Well Done, a mobile app and management software designed specifically for the stone industry and built to talk directly to your company’s JobTracker system. The primary purpose of Job Well Done is to make job information immediately available in the field on mobile devices. On the management side, all relevant information can be entered into the software – including location, customer name, materials, etc. – accessible at a glance for personnel in the field.
screenshots of Job Well Done software

Field staff can open the app, see completed jobs, today’s jobs, and jobs for the future. Within the details of each job, they’ll see a map and location of the job site, any special instructions, all customer information, and so on – the worker can even let customers know when they are on the way!

With separate views for templaters and installers, all relevant information entered by the office is right in your crew’s hands, tailored for the job they need to do. Workers can also upload drawings and photos of completed work (or work in progress), send concerns to management via the app, and see the work any other employees may have done previously.

Upon completion of a job, the customer can also digitally sign off on the job, notifying management in real time. This digital signature is one of the major advantages Job Well Done offers. Other advantages include:

Digital Forms
Instead of hassling with printing paper forms, filling them out by hand, transporting them back to the office, and having to re-input information into JobTracker and/or scan documents, Job Well Done digitizes everything. Forms can be filled out on a tablet, computer, or mobile device, and are automatically sent to JobTracker.

This simplification saves money and time, reducing pages printed and time spent manually entering information.

Customers can also fill out digital surveys and provide instant feedback.

Inter-Department Communication
When everything is digitized and centrally located online, anyone in the organization can find the information they need – and do so with ease. Completed jobs can be reviewed to see before & after photos, notes about the work, issues encountered, etc. – all packaged together within JobTracker.

This coordinated data from Job Well Done allows for highly efficient communication between your business and customers, with plans, estimates, measurements, and so on all available from a mobile device. Project managers, builders, general managers, customer service personnel, and other members of your company also have the same luxury – everything is organized and available through the software, reducing miscommunication and improving accountability.

The software is customizable to meet the exact needs of your business, easy to use for any one remotely familiar with a smartphone, and does so much to coordinate your office and field staff into a well-oiled machine!

Check out this introductory video for a more detailed look:

As more and more customer and business communication becomes digital, online, and mobile, these kinds of solutions become more valuable. Customers are increasingly learning to expect instant access and online communication – which means that Job Well Done adds a new layer to your customer service.