Calendar & Activity Packets Webinar – What you missed!

Mar 30, 2017 | JobTracker Tips, News, Uncategorized

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our JobTracker webinar last week. We had close to 80 people tuned in! Kathleen & Jason outlined ways to work more efficiently using Calendar & Activity Packets – although the Question & Answer session at the end covered an even wider range of topics!

Judging by the number of follow-up questions we’ve received, users got a lot of ideas that they were able to take with them and apply to their own businesses. Huzzah! We think our software is pretty awesome, but we really get excited about your business. Our software is only useful if it helps you solve your business problems!

Did you miss the webinar? No sweat! We recorded the bulk of it, so you can view it whenever you can make the time. Here is a PDF of the presentation if you want to save it.

And click here to register for our next webinar on April 18 at 1pm EST. We’ll be covering Part 1 of our training on JobTracker Forms: Communicating & Collecting with Job Forms!