Interested in Reporting? Then you’re interested in Forms!

Apr 19, 2017 | JobTracker Tips

Yes, we get many calls from people who want to “start using the Reporting feature in JobTracker.” That’s great! Taking a closer look at your data can help you make good business decisions. But that’s also the catch. You can’t take a look at data that you aren’t capturing effectively.

That’s where Forms come in! Although there isn’t one “right way” to set up your forms, there a few principles that are essential to successful reporting. These principles and more were covered in Part 1 of our Forms webinar. Don’t worry if you missed it. We recorded it so you can tune in any time – and here is a PDF of the presentation if you want to take notes.

A few participants asked if they could have copies of the forms we used in the training. You bet! Here’s a help article with both forms and the instructions for downloading and importing.

And register now for Part 2 of our Forms training, Working with Forms & Phases!

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