MIA+BSI Illinois Stone Summit

by | May 19, 2017 | Business, News

Last week, I attended MIA+BSI‘s Illinois Stone Summit at Universal Granite and Marble in Chicago.

These events are SO valuable for fabricators. There’s an education segment as well as structured discussion time, and they always have a great speaker to lead things. Tony Malisani spoke at this event, and he was engaging and inspiring as always.

It was inspiring to see fabricators sharing knowledge with each other. There was a nice mix of experienced and new shops in Chicago, so the questions were particularly focused and interesting.

How often do you have the opportunity to get in a room with 30 people who do what you do? The takeaway is to make sure you take advantage of events like this, so go to stoneindustryeducation.com to sign up for a Stone Summit near you!

I also took some pictures and video during the day and shared them to Facebook. If you’d like to see things like that show up in your feed, be sure to Like our Facebook page.

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